This is One in a Billion Site: [Review]

Yesterday I came across a website that is so awesome that I could not stop myself from writing about it. The site I am talking about is called, One Billion Bytes. This site offers unique and creative way of advertising your virtual goods (software, eBook, iPhone app and virtually everything that can be saved as a computer readable file) by selling bytes.

This is One in a Billion Site [Review]

The concept used here is simple and smart. There are one billion bytes (one billion bytes is essentially equal to 1 Gigabyte) in a page and the owner (Dario  Trbović) is selling bytes. Now the question arises — what can the buyer do with the byte bought? It’s simple. He can upload files of the same size of the byte he bought. By doing this, the user can share his files on the web, can advertise his products and can upload data which can be used in multiple locations.

How do I buy the bytes? The bytes are priced quite cheap. The user has to pay only $0.001 (0.1 cent) per byte, which is equal to $1 per 1000 bytes/ 1Kilobytes. The minimum amount of bytes one can buy is limited to 1Kilobyte, though. A single buyer can buy any amount of byte at any time. For buying the bytes, the user has to navigate to buy bytes page. Any kind of files can be uploaded in to the website. However, potentially dangerous files are not allowed to be uploaded into the website and files uploaded should be in accordance with the terms and conditions.  After selecting the file for upload, the website generates a script for converting the size into Kilobytes. The amount should be paid according to the size of the file. The user has to enter his name, surname and email address so as to finish the process. The payment can be done by Plimus/PayPal gateway.

How do I download my file? Once the file upload process is over, it can be seen in the Home page or in the File listing page. In both the pages, the files are displayed chronologically and by their type. The files can be viewed or displayed from there. The download history of the files can be viewed in th Downloads tab.

The only potential problem that I can think of is — what if I wanted to upload a file, which is less that 1KB (lot of .html, .xml files are less than 1KB)? The website currently does not allow doing so. Apart from this, the site is awesome at what it does and it does so with a genuine cause.

TechChunks’ Note: Thanks Jojo for bringing this site to our notice. In fact, we found their cause so heart touching that we have decided to award with a 125×125 banner on side bar for FREE for Life Time. If you are a web master/blog owner, I would urge you to please take a look at the last part of their About page and if you think you want to help the cause, then consider spreading the word (by writing a review about them, placing an ad banner or even buying some bytes on their site). We at believe that the site is worth it. Take a look at and let us know if you like it.


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