Top 10 All-Time Best Apple iPod Apps

The Apple iPod Touch or iTouch is an amazing multimedia device that changed how we interact with our portable entertainment devices. Nevertheless, that change would not have been possible without its amazing software library. Without further ado, let’s look at our picks for ten best iPod apps of all-time.

Top 10 All-Time Best Apple iPod Apps

1. Facebook

Social networking is as integral to our lives now as email has been for the last decade. Facebook is the social networking king, and this free app gives us all the power we need to network right from our iPod.

2. Tweetie

Sure, there are plenty of “good” free Twitter apps, but Tweetie isn’t just good, it’s amazing, and it will only set you back several dollars. Not a bad investment for an app you’ll use every day.

3. Wikipanion

Who doesn’t use Wikipedia at least once per day? By default, Wikipedia is difficult to read on the iPod, but this apps formats it so that it’s easy navigate, read, and search.

4. Google Earth

There is no shortage of map apps on the market now, but Google Earth is the original and still the best. Google Earth is a free iPod app that you’ll likely use far more than you’d ever suspect.

5. Pandora Radio

This is a completely free radio-listening experience for your iPod touch that even synchronizes with iTunes. What more could you want? How about a radio that learns your likes and dislikes, and caters itself accordingly?

6. The Weather Channel

This must-have app for those on the go provides you with constant and immediate access to weather information for your area. You can even setup multiple profiles (locations).

7. Reeder

Most iPod users will agree that Reeder is tops in the RSS segment. No other app manages a minimalist approach and is still able to pull off elegant and feature-rich like Reeder does.

8. Stanza

There are plenty of great eReader apps for the iPod, but we’ve added Stanza to the best-of list because of the amazing access to free reading materials that it provides.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing service that allows you “drop” items – documents, photos, music, and videos – from your iPod to an online storage service. You can even mark items for offline viewing, and if you have other i-devices, you’ll have access to Dropbox from them too.

10. Flashlight

Flashlight is an app that seems silly until you find yourself in need of a flashlight, and then you realize how useful it is. As the name suggests, this apps turns your iPod into a flashlight, and it’s a must-have.


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