Top 10 Best And Most Interesting Apps For iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a far superior model to its predecessors, seeing as it boasts a smoother exterior, a larger memory and a flash camera, amongst other things. But what about the apps? Which apps are the best for Apple’s most recent iPhone? Well, find out in our top 10 list of best iPhone 4 apps present today:

Amazing X-Ray FX ² PRO

This interesting app consists of x-ray images and allows the user to view pictures of basically any area of the body. A unique feature of this app is that it also contains slightly disturbing x-ray images such as a person with an arrow through their head and a titanium skull plate. If you are a person who likes to play pranks on their friends, this app will allow you to make your friends believe that you are taking a real x-ray image.

FACEinHOLE: The amazing Photo Booth

If you have ever wanted to see what you would look like dressed as someone famous or a fictional character, this app will provide hours of entertainment. The user can upload their picture or pictures of their friends and transform themselves into someone totally different. New pictures are constantly being added and people can post pictures to Facebook or email them to friends.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation gives you the option of speaking into your phone instead of typing up a text message or email. The voice recognition software in this app is excellent and it is a must have for anyone who types relatively slow on the keyboard of their phone. It even supports many languages and will help you to be more efficient with sending texts, emails, or posting to Facebook and Twitter.

1,000+ Amazing Buttons

This amusing app offers a variety of sound effects and offers a variety of ways to play sound effects on your iPhone. Over 1,000 sound effects are in this app and the user can play them at the press of a button, by voice control and by shaking their iPhone.

Wild West Pinball

This app will satisfy pinball players everywhere as it creates a similar experience to actually playing a real pinball machine. It consists of three different tables and has 3D graphics which creates a unique pinball playing experience. With a variety of different missions and an interesting soundtrack, this app will suit a wide variety of tastes.


This app is one of the most powerful translation tools available on the iPhone. It allows the user to translate over 50 languages and people can even talk into their phone and receive an instant translation in languages such as French, Spanish, German and Japanese.


With Siri, users can speak into their iPhone and find taxis, find a new restaurant, gas stations or find out what’s going on in a particular location. Upon asking a question or if you are looking for something general, Siri will find what you are looking for in an instant.


iBooks contains the iBookstore, which gives the user instant access to thousands of books that they can download onto their iPhone at any time. Users can highlight certain passages and choose from one of six font sizes to customize their reading experience.

1,001+ Amazing Illusions

This app contains a variety of illusions that will definitely keep you entertained. Each illusion comes with a description which tells you what kind of illusion each image is.

Google Earth

The Google Earth app gives the user the freedom to travel to virtually any location in the world. The Panoramio option allows access to thousands of unique pictures taken from locations throughout the world.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio allows the user to customize their music experience and streams music from thousands of bands. By simply typing in the name of a particular artist, this app will play music by that artist and will also play music that is similar.

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