Top 10 Features We Wish to See on iPad 3 Release Date

The internet is already buzzing with iPad3 release date rumor mills starting from its retina display-like high resolution, A6 quad-core processor, and support for 4G LTE networks. Unless there’s a drastic change to Apple’s release cycle for the iPad, we will see the iPad 3 released in the first 3-4 months of the new year – most likely in February or March 2012.

In addition to these what if Apple surprises us with a host of other killer features. Below are some of the items that are on top of the wish lists of iPad users.

1. Siri on iPad 3

Apple’s Siri personal assistant — the darlingof all iPhone 4 S users, could use a bigger living room. Imagine dictating Siri to send a mail for you!

Needless to mention, Siri on iPad 3 can attract bloggers and enterprise customers. Recently some references were discovered showing ‘Siri Dictation’ in the iOS 5.1 Beta update. A new section labeled ‘About Privacy and Dictation’ in the keyboard menu raises further hopes on Siri featuring in iPad3.

2. Improved iPad Camera

The back facing camera on iPhone 4S delivers 8 MP and 1020p HD video. With the current 720p .7 MP iPad 2 camera it leaves us with lot to wish for. Hope Apple comes up with a much better resolution camera in iPad 3 that also delivers 1020p high definition video output.

We would love a flash to be put on the iPad 3 camera — right now on iPad 2, if you are not in bright light the pics don’t come out all that great. How about a much better better camera with a xenon flash?

3. A Blazing Fast Quad-Core Processor

Rumors have already been suggesting that the upcoming iPad 3 will be blessed with a super-fast quad-core A6 processor. However, it won’t be self defrosting like the Intel processors.

And considering the other Android tablets around, the quad-core processor on iPad 3 is hardly a stretch to believe.

4. An Upgrade to 1GB of RAM

I was hoping to see this on the iPad 2, and I think it’s definitely time for this in the next gen. This would be a big boost for iPad gamers and game developers, as well as for all of us who like running a number of powerful apps of all kinds on our iPads.

5. Next Level Gaming

How about having 3D support and Vibration effects? That would enhance the gaming experience on an iPad. App developers can leverage the power of A6 quad-core processor to develop gaming space further.


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