Top 10 All Time BEST Hidden Google Easter Eggs, Pranks, Goofs

There are a number of gags, pranks, goofs and hidden messages within the search engine giant, Google, which are popularly called as Easter Eggs. For instance, the Google “do a barrel roll” search caught plenty of attention this week — but it’s only one of many Easter eggs the Internet giant has hidden around the Web.

We had earlier compiled a list of awesome Google Search tricks and we had discovered how to Convert Google Translate Into a Beatbox Machine. We also saw that searching for the phrase “do a barrel roll” became a viral sensation last week, when users found about it and posted tweets and blog posts. Hence, if you liked “do a barrel roll” Easter egg, then I’m sure you would love these top 10 best hidden Google Easater Eggs as well.

Beyond Do a Barrel Roll: 10 Hidden Google Easter Eggs and Tricks

1. Do a Barrel Roll:

Google users were delighted recently by the discovery of a new Search trick, “do a barrel roll“. Just go to, type in “do a barrel roll” (or “z or r twice”), and your whole screen will spin around. The phrase is associated with the Nintendo 64 game “Star Fox”—one of the game’s characters, Peppy Hare, would tell the player to “Do a barrel roll” with an on screen text display (to press z or r buttons twice!). According to Urban Dictionary, “do a barrel roll” is what you say when someone asks you for important advice in their life. [Also Read – 35 Interesting But Lesser Known Facts about Google, ‘The Search Engine King]

2. Askew/Tilt:

Type the word “askew” in Google’s search box and voila! This is more like a command which tilts your search results slightly towards the right. It’s pointless, but it’s all fun. Typing ‘tilt‘ into Google Search box also results in similar results.

3. Answer to the Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything:

Ask Google the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything and, in a tribute to “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” you’ll get the number 42.

4. Steve Irwin Wrestling With a Crocodile (or is that an Alligator)?

If you spin round to the waterfront side of the Sydney Opera House in Australia in Google 3D Warehouse, you’ll find a model of the late wildlife expert and adventurer Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile.

5. Google Gravity:

Tired of Google being so weightless all the time? The Google Gravity chrome experiment by Mr. Doob is amusing–especially since the search page still works, with new search results piling up.  Bring Google down to Earth by entering “Google gravity” and clicking “I’m Feeling Lucky“. Once the search bar, buttons and logo have collapsed into a heap at the bottom of the page, you can toss them around the page by clicking, dragging and releasing them.


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