Top 10 Best iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks

Are you someone who was lucky enough to get your hands on one of the brand new Apple iPhone 5 mobile devices? Then you’ve got a brand new phone that you may not know every single thing about. If you need a few tips and tricks to make your iPhone 5 experience even better, check out what we’ve learned about the device so far. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips for you to get the most out of the new features Apple has added to iPhone 5 (iOS 6). Some are new, some you might know already, but we can promise this: all will help you get more out of your phone.

Photo and Video Tips

Want to insert photos into mail?

Open up the mail app and select the icon to compose a new mail item. Place your finger in the body of the mail message and hold. A menu will pop up that will say “Select, Select All, and Paste.” There should also be an arrow to the right that you can hold down. The option to insert photo and video will then appear and you can easily choose the picture that you would like to insert.

Sharing videos on YouTube is easy and simple

You’ll notice that the YouTube app is no longer already on your iPhone 5, but you can still upload videos to the site very easily. Choose the video that you would like to share, press on the icon for sharing and select YouTube from the menu.

The new camera app has an awesome panorama mode

Select panorama mode and then select whether you want to move right to left or left to right. Hold your phone in landscape position and pan in the direction you have selected for cool panoramic shots.

Turn on Shared Photo Streams

One of the new features in iOS 6 is the ability to share Photo Streams with others. To do this go to Settings > Photos & Camera. Then toggle the Shared Photo Streams option.


Siri gets new tricks and instructions for you to bark at it. Here’s a couple to help you get the football scores quicker.

Launch apps with Siri

Click and hold the Home button and say, “Launch Music”, or “Safari”, or “Facebook” and Siri will open up the app you’ve asked for.

What’s on at the movies?

You can also ask Siri what’s on at the movies. Simply say, “What’s on at Odeon Cinema Bracknell today” or wherever you live and it will go off and get movie details for you

New Map Tips

Maps have changed as well on the iPhone 5. You’ll no longer have the GoogleMaps app right there on your phone, but you can still do a number of cool things.

Satellite mode.

There are a couple of cool things that you can do in this mode. First, you can see buildings in 3-D in cities all over the world. This flyover option is very neat and different. Simply click on Apple Maps, place your phone in satellite mode and press the “3D” icon that appears in the bottom left hand corner to see cities like you never have before. You can also see a map of the entire world in the palm of your hands by selecting satellite mode and then pinch to zoom out.


To see major cities in 3D with all the Sim City-like buildings, you need to find the city you want to view, make sure you are in satellite mode, and then press the “3D” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

See the world

Open Apple Maps, make sure you are in satellite mode, pinch to zoom out as far as you can, and you’ve got the whole wide world in your hand

Hopefully, these little tidbits of information can help you to learn a little bit more about your brand new Apple iPhone 5 and make your experience that much smoother.

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