Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for Students

Today most of the students and school teenagers have powerful smartphones or tablets. To an extent that today, these gadgets have higher sales rates than personal computers and laptops. App stores are full of thousands of apps. And some of them are developed for making a process of learning easier and more interesting. In general all educational apps can be divided into two groups. The first one contains the mobile apps that are developed as special educational courses on some specific topics. They have lessons, tests, online and offline support, etc.

The second group consists of the applications that are intended to make the educational process easier for students or for teacher or for both of them. Such apps are fantastic tools; and they can be used by any category of users, no matter what subject they are into. Hence today we would like to present you our list of top 10 best educational apps that can serve as good helpers for you in your traveling to the world of knowledge.


iAnnotate turns your tablet into a world-class productivity tool for reading, marking up, and sharing PDF documents. iAnnotate PDF is an excellent, full-featured app for marking-up or making notations on PDF files on your iPad. The app handles PDF files in such a way that you will feel as if you are working on your desktop or notebook computer. This awesome app also allows you to sync it with Dropbox.

EZ Read

The free app contains access to, the popular website with free study guides for literature, poetry, and other academic and cultural subjects. It is designed to help demystify literary classics on your iPhone or iPad.

EZ Read enables you to browse plot summaries and character descriptions or take quizzes on everything from George Orwell to geometric proofs. While your teachers might not approve of EZ Read, your social life will!


Using this app, you will have access to the most popular online encyclopedia – Wikipedia. The application will allow you to search the entries with speed and accuracy. Some Wikipanion’s features are a history browsing, dictionary definitions audio playback, and bookmarking some sections of pages.

Wikipanion’s features include a browsing history, audio playback of dictionary definitions, and bookmarking individual sections of pages on your iPad. No doubt, this app is the number one research stop for every student researching a paper.

Got confused by some word? is an online and offline (!) dictionary and thesaurus providing access to almost 2 million words and set expressions and to the right pronunciation of them.

Named a top iPad app for college students by U.S. News and World Report, you don’t need an Internet connection once you’ve downloaded the app. This means that the entire dictionary and thesaurus are available offline. The app also says words aloud when you tap the speaker icon – something describes as “a killer feature.”

Flash My Brain

This very app helps you to organize your digital notes and thoughts and allows sharing them online with your friends. Flash My Brain was designed by a former teacher after carefully observing the way his students studied. Flash My Brain is an effective study tool that will raise grades, deepen understanding, and help people achieve their intellectual goals.  For both teachers and learners, Flash My Brain is an invaluable tool for creating and supplying study materials.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Unlike regular alarm clocks that just ring at a certain time, the Sleep Cycle app monitors your sleeping cycle, and rings during your lightest sleep phase. If 7:30am is the latest you have to get up, the app begins monitoring your physical movement at 7am. Your movement is an indicator of which sleep stages you are currently in; during deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, your movement decreases.

Using an accelerometer that monitors your sleep movement, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. In theory, this means that you should wake up feeling more rested and relaxed for those early bird classes. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. By waking up during a lighter sleep phase, those awesome dreams should no longer be interrupted, and hopefully you’ll never miss another 9AM lecture.


The app lets you rent textbooks right from your Apple device. You may scan a book’s bar code and compare prices from different online stores. What’s the coolest feature? You can scan a book’s bar code with the iPhone’s camera, which allows you to compare prices from different stores and sites, or set up a rental of the textbook.

The app is also listed among the “14 Best iPhone Apps for College Students,” according to, a news site dedicated to breaking news and sharp commentary.

Wi-Fi Finder

The app tracks down public Wi-Fi hot spots. This mobile application detects up to 600,00 hot spots all over the world. It will be very convenient for on-the-go students who need the Internet urgently for their research.

For on-the-go students who might need Internet access for research or homework assignments, the Wi-Fi Finder is the equivalent of a trusty hunting dog with a nose for broadband.


This app is a text-to-speech application with images. It is an award-winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all.

Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding Text to Speech voices, a high resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, two researched-based vocabulary.


iBooks is a mobile bookstore for Apple devices. The iBooks store has almost any book you may want right in your pocket. It was announced in conjunction with the iPad on January 27, 2010.

iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling ebooks or your favorite classics – day or night. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favorite passages.

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It is not the full list of application that can be useful for your study, but they are some of the must-have ones. If you have more such apps to recommend let us hear in comments section.


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