Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions For Geeks

Come New Year, everyone becomes excited to bid farewell to the passing year and in welcoming the new. This time it is no different and I’m sure many of your might already have listed down your new year resolutions for 2012. New year is time for a fresh start in lots of ways, but what about your tech life?

Hopefully these resolutions will start you down the path of fun and geeky euphoria in 2012. Being the technology lovers that we are, it is natural for us to suggest the Top New Year Resolutions related to technology that you can use. Make use of these tips and prosper (Bonus Karma points if you pass these on to your friends):

List of 10 Geeky New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Use Your Smartphone to Find Location and Address

Most smartphones these days come with a built-in on-board GPS chip. And Google Maps is a free app that is available on all major smartphone OS versions [Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry]. It can help you travel to unknown locations within your city and even outside. All you need to do is to activate a cheap GPRS plan and you are all set; yes, you don’t need a 3G connection to use Google Maps.

What’s more? Even if your phone doesn’t have a GPS chip, Google Maps will still show you your approximate location using a smart trick called cell-tower triangulation.Then what are you waiting for?

2. Spend At Least 1 Hour a Day Away From All Forms of Electronic Gadgets

Yeah we know that being a geek that you are you think this resolution is far-fetched and impossible. But give this a try and everything and everyone you love, your smartphone, your tablet, your PC, your friends and family, will thank you for this. Just 1 more thing — not using an electronic gadget while you are asleep obviously doesn’t count!

3. Use Technology to Stay Fit

How many tech geeks that you meet everyday don’t look fit? We use tech so extensively in our daily life and yet we forget how awesome it would be if we start using tech to stay fit. We geeks have a lot of games to play, movies to see, books to read, costumes to make, and fanboying/girling to do. We need to be healthy in order to do all that.

Apparently, the problem isn’t lack of tech, the problem is motivation. Tech appears to be the solution to that problem. Whether it be shoes that track your progress, or the GPS, pedometers and accelerometers available in many smartphones, tech can help you statistically track your progress. And that would also mean to stay away from gadgets like the Kinect Powered Armchair, though.

4. Change Your Passwords Regularly

A recent study revealed that many people use the same password for every online and offline account they own. Imagine a hacker gaining access to your password for just one account and then hacks rest all using the same password! Scary, isn’t it? But what’s even more scary is most of these people have been using the same password for 5+ years.

Change your passwords every few months at the very least, and make sure to add some special characters. A password like [email protected]  is much better than a password like bandofboys.

5. Optimally Utilize Social Media for Personal and Business Gains

Most folks often fail to notice how inaptly they are utilizing the various social media services to their full potential. With location based services becoming the big trend, as well as photo sharing, video sharing and so on, there are so many more social media outlets for you to explore and conquer this new year.

And most importantly, make sure you don’t make a big fool out of yourself by tweeting, sharing or posting something that would make you regret later — like these top five most annoying Facebook status updates ever.

6. Secure Your Wireless Network

It is hard to believe how many people continue to use unsecured wireless networks. Why would you accept that risk when it only takes a few seconds to password protect them? If someone uses your connection to download pirated torrent files or other illegal stuff… you are liable. Applying a password to your wireless network shifts the liability off you and on to the perpetrator because they are now guilty of hacking.

Remember, you don’t have to make your network unhackable, you just need to make it less hackable than your neighbor’s network. Seriously people… secure those networks. If you are still clueless, here is how to secure your wireless network in just 5 minutes.

7. Go Green, Geek Style

While you won’t be probably building my your compost bin, it doesn’t hurt to be open to checking out alternative energy saving ways, for example, to charge your iPhone using your heart beat. You can start by installing a cooling program on your PC to help it run a bit cooler and conserve electricity, study more about ‘green computing‘, or by using a Green Eco Friendly Mobile Phone!

8. Keep Your Computer (PC) Up to Date

Tired of running a slow computer that takes forever to respond? Unless your computer is harboring a virus, the solution might be just a few clicks away. There may be a thousand security tools to help protect your computer, but one mantra that keeps coming up is to ‘keep your PC patched and updated‘.

While you are at it, keep everything on your computer up-to-date — starting with browsers, drivers and the operating system itself. As long as you are performing the maintenance regularly you will never be too much behind, so the operation can’t transform into a nuisance.

9. Use Google Like a Geek

I can’t tell you how many times my friends have called me and said “how do I setup a printer?” A simple Google search for “setup print windows 7” or “setup printer Mac OS X” would have yielded the answer they were looking for. And even if what you are looking for is much complex than mere printer installation, Google can answer almost anything. They call Google the ‘Search Engine King’ for a reason, right? Here are 10 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert.

10. Don’t Make Any Resolutions At All

Scrap the whole damn list. What’s the point in setting new year resolutions  when we know we can’t keep them? Whatever will happen during the year, will happen. No reason to make false promises that may or may not come true. Like someone said, “I gave up on New Years resolutions. They always seem to expire in February. So now I just try to not tie goals to dates.”

Reorganizing RSS readers, deleting old emails, and cleaning up external hard drives should be at the top of your to-do list for 2012. But what about you — do you have any geeky resolutions? Let’s see how you plan to change your life this year in the world of gadgetry and technology.


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