Top 10 Best Tablet Alternatives to the Apple iPad

6. HP Slate

HP Slate

Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft, took the wraps off the Slate during his keynote presentation at CES earlier this year. The HP device is due to go on sale later this year. It runs Windows 7, supports the Kindle e-book reader app, it’s multi-touch, and can even play games. Rumours suggest prices will start at around $549 – around $50 more than Apple’s entry-level iPad.

7. ICD Vega

ICD Vega

Seattle-based startup Innovative Converged Devices announced its Vega tablet back in November 2009, and now the device is officially headed to T-Mobile UK sometime before the end of 2010. Yet another tablet based on Android, the Vega will have a large amount of screen real-estate at 15.6-inches. Check out the full spec list here.

8. ModBook


The ModBook is the original Apple Tablet — besides the Newton of course. Except it’s not made by Apple proper, but rather Axiotron who has been making them since 2007. The ModBook by Axiotron is an iPad and then some, including its Wacom-enabled 13.3-inch screen which you can write directly on for easy note taking. With a 120 GB hard drive, built-in camera and optical drive, the tablet is worth considering. It supports Flash, capable of multitasking and it’s even Windows compatible. Prices start out at $899, but customers have to provide a pre-polycarbonate unibody Macbook making the total price closer to $2,000.

9. Neofonie WePad

Neofonie WePad

The WePad may be the most complete alternative to the iPad with Linux at the core and access to the Android Marketplace. WePad is priced a bit lower than the iPad and comes with a web cam and 2 USB. Its 11-inch screen, faster processor, and bigger RAM makes performing multiple tasks a bit easier. And of course, it supports Flash!

10. The Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet

The Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet

News about the Notion Ink tablet broke late last year and many chalked it up to a fanboy dream. But it’s real and supposed to be coming this spring from Indian startup Notion Ink. This is another tablet running Android and powered by the Tegra 2 chip and a 10-inch tablet. It uses a screen technology from Pixel Qi that combines the best of a full color multi-touch LCD display with a low-power reflective mode that’s readable in direct sunlight.Notion Ink says the Adam should come to market in the second quarter of this year, with a target price somewhere between $300 and $800.

With its sleek design and 10-inch touch screen, the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is to be desired. It also boasts a 16-hour battery life and 3MP camera. Also unlike the iPad, the tablet features a browser that supports Flash. Maybe the most striking is the Adam’s revolutionary Pixel Qi screen. The transflective LCD screen can switch between color and black and white modes for e-reading.

11. Bonus Contender for iPad Alternatives – Viliv X70

Viliv X70

This widescreen 7-inch tablet has nearly every piece of hardware missing from the iPad. Viliv X70 is Windows compatible, supports Flash and has slots for SD cards and USBs. The Viliv x70 comes with a feedback touchscreen and unlocked 3G GSM modem. Its multitasking capability, built-in camera, and faster processor make it a windows-friendly iPad competitor.

Hope you found these iPad alternatives interesting. But still, if you are not impressed feel free to check this Affordable $199 Tablet. And it’s not from Apple, either! 😉

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