Top 10 Best Tips to Make Better Use of Siri

If you thought the iPhone 4S Ad featuring Santa with Siri was a very clever promotional campaign, and have been wondering if you could use some clever tips to make better use of iPhone Siri, this is your lucky day! One of the reasons sci-fi lovers are getting ecstatic these days is that recent technological progress are taking them one step closer to the world they’ve always dreamed of. Just think about it; in the 1960’s people thought that by 2010, we would be discovering alien life, apocalypse-inducing viruses, consciousness transfers to cars or robots and technology that talks back.

It’s a good thing we haven’t discovered most of the aforementioned technology (because we’re just not ready to face the apocalypse right now). But one of these geeky ideas is actually already in your hand. From 2001: A Space Odyssey’s talking computer HAL, we now have the mini version called Siri. Siri uses the technology of artificial intelligence to take voice commands and then simulates the commands to find the best possible way to execute it.

Siri Productivity Tips and How to Make Siri More Useful

Siri isn’t just for searching stuff online or answering stupid questions (i.e., Who’s your daddy?). There is actually so much more that Siri can do especially now iOS 6 upgrades are available. Want to know what other genius things you can do with Siri other than web search, phone calls and texting (which are, by the way, the three commands usually used by iPhone owners)? Check out these cool Siri hacks and useful tips (secret Siri commands) for things you can ask Siri to do for you.

Calculate tips and sale discounts

Siri isn’t connected with a calculator but she is good friends with Wolfram Alpha, an answer engine. Say: “Wolfram, what’s 10 percent of $59.67?” and it will come up with $5.97.

Make a reservation

To reserve a table through Siri, you have to have an iPhone 4S upgraded to iOS 6 or an iPhone 5. Tell Siri to: “Reserve a table for two at [restaurant name]” and she’ll ask you when the reservation is for! The reservations are done through OpenTable.

Launch apps

Microsoft’s voice assistant TellMe has long been able to launch apps for users so this Siri feature is a little bit outdated albeit helpful. Just tell Siri to “Open” or “Launch” the app!

Post on Twitter and Facebook

Also another iOS 6 update, Siri can now update your Facebook or Twitter. Just tell Siri to “Post on Facebook” or “Tweet” and she’ll take dictations and post those to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Look up Science facts

Another Wolfram Alpha trick you can try is asking for science facts. Ask, “Wolfram, what is the scientific name of Rabbits?” It’ll answer you with Laporidae. The multitude of questions to ask Wolfram is unimaginable.

Create a password

Can’t think of a good and strong password? Wolfram can suggest a good password so no hacker can get through. All you have to do is say: “Wolfram, password.”

Suggest good movies

Just tell Siri you want to watch a movie and she’ll bring up Rotten Tomatoes reviews for movies you might like as well as showtimes for nearby theaters! Oh and you can also ask Siri for her own movie reviews by telling her: “Siri, what’s Inception about?” You’ll crack up with her brilliant synopses.

Find out which team won

If you can’t make it home in time to watch the Mets, you can always ask Siri. She’ll pull up team standings, score cards, player information and even game schedules!

Find emails from a specific contact

Can’t find an important email? Just ask Siri to “Find all mail from [name of sender]. You can also ask her to find “all emails about [the email subject ].”

There are actually so many more things you can do with Siri that we’ve run out of space to detail them all. But for an easy way to check Siri’s features and all the apps connected to her, just tap on the letter ‘I’ when Siri says: “What can I do for you?”

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