Top 10 Ever Green, Best (Yet FREE) iPhone and iPad Apps

iPhone and iPad has been appreciable innovations from Apple and with the support from their app market, they have made changed the way an office management and administrative activities are done. These applications (iOS apps) have made life so easy that the amount of paper work to be done has reduced to minimum.

Some of the best iPad and iPhone applications that have made a revolution in the Apple (iTunes) market are discussed here. I’ve selected my top 10 from dozens of great apps for your iPhone or iPad this year — and here’s the best but: they’re all FREE.

1. Drop box:

Dropbox is one of the best applications that has come out in the year 2011 and is exclusive for use in iPad to bring all your files under a single roof. Using Drop box you can bring the files with you from the office synchronizing the day’s work and still give time to complete the urgent presentation while on the go. This is easy for offline viewing of files, easy to upload photos and videos and share them freely with family and friends.

2. Audibly:

Audibly is the iPad and iPhone application that is handy for those who are voracious readers. This application is a collection of nearly 3000 audio books, all of which are free. However, it is sad that you will not find some of the recent favorites like Harry Potter series or Twilight, but if you are a lover of classic novels, then this is the perfect application for you.

3. Google Places:

Are you looking for a perfect venue for your first date? Then Google places is the application that has a directory of restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues worldwide, besides the choice of the places that this application recommends, usually meets your requirements.

4. Hey Tell:

This application is for those who find typing very difficult and are more dedicated towards sending voice messages using their iPhone or iPad. Using Hey Tell app this is possible to send voice messages to single users or to a group using 3G or EDGE or Wi-Fi connectivity using push notifications for new messages.

5. Thermo:

Are you traveling using you car? By using thermo, you can decide whether to switch on the air-conditioner of your car or not. Thermo is the application that will tell using your iPhone or iPad, the current temperature of outside. Besides, it also provides a consolidated report of the weather from the past, like yesterday’s temperature and it also provides weather forecast.

6. Merriam – Webster:

This is like carrying your pocket dictionary in your iPhone or iPad. This application will let you search for the meaning of a word instantly, and at the same time, helps you to increase your vocabulary by providing with an option of word of the day. This dictionary application is very much easy to use and the spoken search feature is much more efficient and has been liked by many users.

7. Onava:

Onava is a must-to-have application for both your iPhone and iPad, as this saves a lot of money on data usage by working behind the scenes and by shrinking the data usage via its servers, especially when you are on a capped data plan or using data abroad on roaming. It can effectively double or even triple your data plan, by compressing much of the data you use while surfing the web or using apps.

8. Color:

Color is one of the best applications that has been used and liked by many of the iPhone and iPad users, which combines both social networking and photo-taking, and helps to bring together the people in your vicinity, especially when you are making new connections and develop professional networks on the go.

9. Opera Mini 6.x:

For unknown reason, among the web browsers for mobile phones and tablet PCs, which does not leave out iPhone and iPad, that Opera has been the best of the web browser making internet browsing experience really pleasureful? Background tab loading is one of the greatest and the most desired feature of this web browser that has been attributed for this success. This is also fast and most of the time comes at no cost.

10. Photosynth:

Photosynth is an application that has been exclusively designed for iOS applications like iPhone and iPad, in both of which this will help you to capture the precious moments at 360 degree, to create and share them via the ability of Photosynth to synchronize what you capture via Facebook with your friends.

Now, you have in front of you some of the best applications that are most commonly used for iPad or iPhone or both, and if you are not using one of them, then it is the best time to pic your choice. These are one of the best applications available for iPhone and iPad lovers.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Amanda Kidd who is a blogger and writer and she writes about various health and tech topics on her related site. She gives full attention to makes her readers aware about hacking. Being a versatile writer she is busy in writing on Smart cell phones these days.


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