Top 10 Free Android Apps and Games [Videos]

It is the Open Source nature of the Android Market, that makes it stand out as unique. It is like an amazing gift that anyone and everyone with a coding brain may contribute to the Android marketplace with their brilliant applications for Android phones (and non-phone Androids too). This is one fact that gives Android market the competitive edge and helps it take a step ahead than the giant Apple store, as the room to grow for Android Apps is just plenty.

Let me present you today with some of the most wonderful Android apps that can help make your Android-powered phone even smarter than it is. As a sweet bonus, these apps are also FREE to download and use.

Top 10 Free Android Apps and Games [Videos]

This way, you need not spend hours on searching the huge pool of Android apps marketplace in an attempt to find the best of all apps and games in Android Market, which are Free to use too. All these apps that I’m going to present below are hand-picked and are excellent at what they are supposed to do. So with out further ado, let me present the Top 10 FREE Android Apps available in the marketplace today. These 10 free Android apps should be any Android owner’s Day One installs

Fill your Google mobile with today’s finest free Android apps

1. Seesmic:

Though there are already numerous Twitter apps in the Android market, even more are being introduced everyday. The most discussed of all is the Seesmic, which is probably the best right now with its excellent set of nice features. This app gives you a home screen widget which keeps you updated with the new tweets (so that you get to see every new tweets as they are tweeted in real-time). Also, Seesmic supports multiple accounts and it designed for professionals in a professional way.

2. AppBrain Market Sync:

If you use Android, unfortunately there is no way you can download your apps on the PC and transfer them later to your Android phone. Enters AppBrain Market Sync to your rescue! This app is solution to this issue as it lets you do the forbidden act. By help of AppBrain you can send your Apps (that you downloaded on the PC) to the Android phone. Isn’t that too cool for an App that is available for Free?

3. Task Manager:

If you come from a bit of a hardcore PC background, you’ll find Android’s lack of a blue X to close apps a bit of a worry. Which is why you need a good manual override tool to shut any persistent apps. It may help you save battery life, but most important is the feeling of control and empowerment you get from one-click closing apps. For this purpose, download this Task Manager app form the Android Market. This will make the task of closing any running app that you don’t need to run anymore very easy and simple.

4. Sketch Online:

This is an interesting game that involves gaming as well as socializing with fellow Android users. A user draws something and the other players try and guess what is drawn. Yes, it is as simple as that! Right now, a beta version is available and it is free of cost. Later, one might have to pay for enjoying the ad-free version of this game, though.

5. Google Maps Navigation:

If you are reading this article then you have probably already heard about Google Maps and this free Android app is amazingly brilliant. It guides you through the map turn by turn and with the help of voice navigation. With the help of charger, dock and accessories, you can make it your permanent navigator. It calculates the route in the very beginning of your tour so that data transfer is minimal and no difficulty is faced during the trip even if the signals drop. Isn’t that simply awesome?

6. Google Sky Map:

This is another Google application that gives you precise positions of the stars, using your phone’s orientation. In fact, the app is so good at its work that you will be taken by surprise. Pointing your Android phone towards the sky is all that you have to do, and this app will show you the visible stars and planets etc. on your screen. Point phone at sky, then learn what constellations are visible and if that’s a UFO or just Venus. Even works indoors, if you’re not keen on getting cold. A must have Android app for every star gazers and astronomy enthusiasts.

7. Swype:

This cool app is not yet available in the Android market but the good news is that you can still download it directly from the maker’s site. The idea is superb and helps you get rid of the conventional ‘tapping’ of keyboards. Now, you have to swipe your finger through the letters of keyboard according to the spellings e.g. put your finger at ‘A’, swipe it through the alphabets to ‘I’ and stop at ‘R’; you have just written ‘AIR’ by swiping your finger. This app also suggests words if there are typos.

8. Brain Genius Deluxe:

This is a great learning game that tests your knowledge as well as helps you in expanding it. You can choose from daily exercise, single exercise and bonus games. The game revolves around Observation, Memory, Calculation and Reasoning. This is a nice game to play, especially if you are someone who likes games involving problem solving and deduction.

9. Skyfire 2.0:

The USP of the Skyfire browser is that it supports Flash content, popping up a little window when it detects something like an embedded YouTube video. The actual Flash business is handled by Skyfire’s server, which does all the computery stuff – then sends the file to your handset. It also makes recommendations for media content for you according to your choice smartly. You can easily share what you want with only one click. Other features include pinch to zoom, choice between full desktop web pages and mobile optimized pages, anonymous browsing and multi-tab browsing. A bit clunky on slower Android phones, but works like a dream on models with faster processors.

10. RAC Traffic:

With this app in your Android phone, you don’t need to listen to radio for any news updates regarding traffic incidents. An official production of the motoring organisation, the app is dead simple – it guesstimates your location via the mobile signal, then pops up the current traffic alerts for your area. Much better than having to listen to the radio for the odd update about arterial blockages. Isn’t it? This is what I call as “intelligent computing“!


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