Top 10+ World’s Largest Photos [Gigapixel Panorama Photography]

Gone are the days when a 26 gigapixel photograph made world record for being the biggest photo. Its time to think BIGGER! Embrace yourself to behold how awesome it would be to watch some of the world’s largest digital photographs! Thanks to the latest trend of Gigapixel panorama photography, creating gigapixels of data in single images cropped together to create a monstrous image is an amazing realty today.

In simple words, “Gigapixel Images” are ultra high resolution images created by shooting hundreds of photos (or even thousands) and stitching them together to make a larger single image with greatly increased resolution. And the end product? A virtual tour with insanely high resolution photograph can show off the details of many, many human beings walking the streets of the city or a person peeping through the window kilometers away from the camera, for instance.

10+ Amazing Examples of Gigapixel Panorama Photography

1. Paris [26 Gigapixels]

[Watch the Full image here]

2. Sevilla [111 Gigapixels]

[Watch the Full image here]

3. President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

[Watch the Full image here]

4. Round Lake, Illinois [43 Gigapixels]

[Watch the Full image here]

5. Dubai [45 Gigapixels]

[Watch the Full image here]


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