Top 10 Ultimate Technological Tattoos

A new fashion seems to have come into existence from the search for new and creative tattoos. Some people have started using the space in their bodies to depict their obsession or unconditional love towards technology. Things from different aspects of technology are taken for the purpose of tattooing and it can be anything of the range from programming language and logos to keyboard symbols.

Though tattoos have no practical use, many people still want to have a tattoo engraved on them. People  like these who look at tattoos with an aesthetic taste will admire and engrave the same on them.

Apple Company Logo Tattoo

Dell Power On-Off Tattoo

iGoogle Tattoo

Mac Tattoo

Mario Game Over Tattoo

Microsoft Tattoo

MS Office Logo Tattoo

HTML and Binary Code Tattoo

Hips Dont Lie - Apple Logo tattoo Again

However entertaining these might be, I find this bizarre! I intentionally don’t wear clothes with brands, as I believe they should pay me to advertise their brand. So to make it permanent is ridiculous to me. Would you engrave a tattoo on your body part just because you are a fan of the brand/technology/gadget?


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