Top 18 Creative Geekiest Cake Designs [Pics]

When creativity meets geekiness, often the unexpected happens. These creative yet adorable cakes are baked for popular gadgets, and most of them are so meticulously crafted that you probably can’t spot any difference between the cake and the genuine one (gadget)! One ideal example would be the giant iPhone wedding cake. The icons are neatly arranged in four columns and rows, and it even displays the four bars of AT&T’s 3G signal, digital time and a battery status bar to complete the feature set. Another favorite of mine is the awesome Wall-E cake, which is so adorable that your 7 year old nephew would not want a bit of it! It looks pretty and the look in its eyes are oozing with life-like emotions.

From a Guitar Hero cake to a Blackberry cake made of sugar paste blackberries of course; meet eighteen geeky cakes that not only look great but also reflect their designer’s geek  quotient. These wonderful cakes would have taken weeks to make! Who would want to destroy these masterpieces by taking a bite?

18 Geekiest Cakes for Your Visual Delight

Amazing NES Cake (Link)

Amazing NES Cake

Amazon Kindle Cake (Link)

Amazon Kindle Cake

Apple MacBook Cake (Link)

Apple MacBook Cake

Awesome Starwars AT Cake (Link)

Awesome Starwars AT Cake

Awesome Wall-E Cake (Link)

Awesome Wall-E cake

Blackberry Cake (Link)

Blackberry Cake

Cool DeLorean Cake (Link)

Cool DeLorean Cake

Cool Guitar Hero Cake (Link)

Cool Guitar Hero Cake

Jedi Master Yoda Cake (Link)

Jedi Master Yoda Cake

MacMini Cake (Link)

MacMini Cake

Nikon D700 Camera Cake (Link)

Nikon D700 Camera Cake

iPhone 4 Cake (Link)

iPhone 4 Cake

Nintendo DS Cake (Link)

Nintendo DS Cake

Pink iPod Cake (Link)

Pink iPod Cake

Super Cool Laptop Cake (Link)

Super Cool Laptop Cake

Wii Remote Cake (Link)

Wii Remote Cake

Xbox 360 Cake (Link)

Xbox 360 Cake

Super Mario Cake (Link)

Super Mario Cake

Which of these wonderful cakes do you find the most delicious of all? :P

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30 Responses to " Top 18 Creative Geekiest Cake Designs [Pics] "

  1. Siddharth says:

    Hey ,
    Nikon cam and Ipod looks awesome :)
    Great work dude .

  2. Linda says:

    There are some really talented cake designers here. I think they’re all awesome.

  3. Your blog and images are just awesome!. Thanks.

  4. James says:

    that is amazing, so much time put into these thanks for the share
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  5. Siddartha says:

    Wall-E and Mario Cake designs were amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing the yummy cake’d new angle of Tech designs

  6. These are so awesome. People really have talent out there. I guess they must spend a lot of time in order to come up with such wonderful designs for cakes. The ones which resemble phones are some of the best in the collection.

  7. those are awesome I love the Nintendo one. I am such a fan.
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  8. Mandar says:

    This is some special stuff.
    I would like to buy one such cake but not sure whether I could cut it or not. Such an eye candy.
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