Top 3 Innovative Ways, Your Competitors are Engaging With Your Customers

For small businesses to succeed in today’s marketplace, they must set themselves apart. As opposed to large, corporate companies, the advantage of a small business is that you can provide personal customer service to your clients. Yet, as you continue to grow, you may wonder how to provide the most efficient and cost-effective customer interaction at the same high quality. Luckily, with advances in technology, there are new ways to cut through the noise and engage with your clients in new and innovative ways. Here are just three tactics you might explore for your small business.

Mobile Technology

Top 3 Innovative Ways, Your Competitors are Engaging With Your Customers

Make customer service easy for your clients by reaching them on a device that they are almost ever without – their cellphones. As a small business, you may your start mobile technology customer service with a text message campaign. This involves allowing your customers to message you their questions about your products or services.

You can also text out special deals and coupon codes. If you are a growing company and want to take your mobile services up a notch, you may consider creating an app for your business. An app allows the customer to learn about your products in an interactive way, ask questions, and make in-app purchases. It also allows you to send customers push notifications with sales, promotions, or information straight to your customers’ smartphones and tablets.

Social Media

Because social media is a platform that most customers are familiar with, providing customer service services through these channels is highly effective. Start by creating a Twitter account exclusively for customer service questions. You will also need to make sure that you have a social media or customer service associate who can take questions coming in from these platforms. If you have someone who can only respond during certain hours, specify that on your account. Overall, this level of accessibility will give your company more credibility in the eyes of a customer.

Live Chats

Finally, if you aren’t quite ready to go outside of your website yet, another very effective customer service technique is to incorporate a live chat function on your home page. With live chat services, you are able to provide instant feedback to your customers directly from your website. You can answer questions about products or help them place an order in a way that is more convenient and cost effective for both you and the customer
quicker than e-mail.

Like social media-based customer service, you will need someone on staff who can be at the other end of the chat. Luckily, companies like Solid Cactus Call Center offer managed services to do just that. With this type of service, you essentially outsource your chat-based customer service to professionals at a company who become familiar with your product and brand. This type of innovative customer interaction tactic ensures that your customers feel like a part of your brand family.

With modern technology, there are many great ways to engage with your clients and provide outstanding customer service. You can integrate one or all of these methods, depending on what works best for your growing business.


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