Top 33 Unknown, Hidden, Secret Facts about Apple and Steve Jobs

To take our last week’s article, Top 10 Unknown, Hidden, Secret Facts about Android one step further, today we present you with similar little known secret facts about Apple and Steve Jobs that will blow your mind. If you’re someone who is into such intriguing facts, very few technology companies have as secretive, little known and yet interesting facts as Apple and its founder, Steve Jobs.

1) Apple’s original logo had Isaac Newton in it.

Apple’s very first logo had Sir Issac Newton and the falling apple. It was created by Ronald Wayne, one of the 3 people who founded Apple, and was used in 1976 for a short while. Very few of us know Ronald Wayne because he sold his stake in the company to the Steve Jobs for $800 at that time. If he had continued at Apple, then his share in the company today would be worth about $50 billion!

2) Apple Corps, a company founded by music band, The Beatles, was involved in a prolonged legal battle with Apple Inc. over trademark, which lasted 28 years.

It all started back in 1978 when Apple Corps took Apple Computer to court and sued then for trademark infringement. The verdict went in favor of Apple Corps. and they were awarded $80,000 along with a clause that was to ensure that Apple Computer would not engage in the music industry. But it was not the end of it. Apple Corps. sued Apple Computers again in 1989 and were again rewarded a monetary compensation in 1991.

Finally in September 2003 when Apple Inc launched the iPod and the iTunes Music Store, they were sued once again for a direct failure to meet the previous agreement. However, this time Apple Corps lost the case and in February 2007 a private agreement was reached whereby Apple Inc was permitted the rights to the name Apple along with the logo. Apple Corps was permitted the right to keep some of these trademarks. Interestingly, music fans of today are more likely to listen to Beatles music albums on their iPod than on a vinyl record, music  tape or even CD.

3) The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (“the cube”) is one of the Most Photographed Landmarks in the World.

4) Steve Jobs worked for Atari, before co-founding Apple.

Fun Fact! When Steve Jobs was working at Atari as a technician, he was transferred to the night shift because co-workers were complaining he had poor personal hygiene and smelled bad.

5) In 1972, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took $3 an hour jobs dressed as “Alice in Wonderland” characters at the Westgate Mall in San Jose.

In summer of 1972 financial circumstances had forced Steve Jobs, his girl friend and Steve Woznaik to take up a $3 per hour job at Westgate Mall in San Jose that demanded that they dressed up as “Alice in Wonderland” characters to entertain mall visitors. Jobs and Woznaik alternated between the characters “White Rabbit” and the “Mad Hatter”!

6) Steve Jobs visited India searching for for spiritual enlightenment in 1974.

Steve Jobs dropped college and traveled to India as a teenager in search of divine enlightenment. India both traumatized as well as changed his life. He spent about 3-4 months in India but returned disappointed, after experiencing lice, scabies, dysentery and manhandling by mobs after he protested about watered-down buffalo milk. However, Steve retained his interest in spirituality.

7) Steve Jobs was a Buddhist.

Steve Jobs was serious practitioner of Zen Buddhism. So much so that he even considered settling in a Zen monastery before he came to the Silicon Valley, where he became an icon and took Apple Inc. to its pinnacle of success.

8 ) Apple was Founded on April Fools Day.

On 1st April, 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs launched the Apple I computer and started Apple Computers. It is said that, this date was chosen on purpose as a way of showing “we want to be different“.

9) ‘Apple IIe’ is the Longest-lived Apple Computer and was on sale for 11 years.

10) Apple Made the First Mass-Market Color Digital Camera.

Called as the “Apple QuickTake 100” this digicam could take up to 8 photographs. At the time of launch it cost $749, which is approximately equivalent of $1,000 today. This camera had less than 1 megapixel resolution, no digital display and needed to be connected to a Mac via a serial cable. The QuickTake had 2 more subsequent models before Steve Jobs returned Apple and shut it down in 1997.

11) The “Macintosh” was named after an actual apple (fruit).

It is reported that in the beginning Macintosh was only a code name for the project and Steve Jobs wanted to rename the project as “Bicycle”. However, finally they went ahead with the name Macintosh after all.

12) Steve Jobs hired world famous architect I. M. Pei to renovate his New York apartment.

But, known for his whimsical decisions, Steve went ahead to sell the apartment to Bono of U2 fame without ever even staying there himself.

13) Steve Jobs Starred as President Roosevelt in a 1984 ad parody called ‘1944’

Other Apple employees besides Jobs also acted in the ad where Macs start a war with IBM computers.

14) The name iPod was inspired by “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

The name iPod for Apple’s  personal music player was coined by a freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco who was a big fan of the white EVA Pods that appeared in the sci-fi movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which has this line — ‘Open the pod bay door, Hal!’

15) Apple’s First iPod had a secret game (Easter Egg).

When you are in the “About” menu press down the center button for nearly 3 seconds and you will unlock a Breakout (Pong) game that can be played while listening to your music. Very few iPod users know about this neatly hidden Easter-egg.

16) Steve Jobs Wanted To Be a NASA Astronaut.

17) Top 9 Apple Executives Earn More Dollar than 95,000 Apple Factory Workers in China.

18) Jony Ive, Apple’s senior VP of Industrial Design Wears Same T-shirt in Every Apple Intro Product Video.

19) Apple’s Retina Display is Actually Manufactured by Samsung!

20) A Surefire Way to Void Your Apple Computer’s Warranty is by Smoking Near It!

21) Many Fake Apple Stores in China are so Convincing, even the Employees Believe They are working for Apple.

22) Apple Has the Patent for “Slide to Unlock” feature.

23) Welcome Screen on Macintosh Used to be of Disney character Scrooge McDuck (a.k.a. Uncle Scrooge).

24) In 2011, Apple had more Cash than U.S. Government Treasury!

In 2011, the U Govt. had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion at a time when Apple had $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities.

25) An Apple engineer Recreated a 2000 year Old computer Using Legos!

26) Apple makes new employees work on fake, dummy projects until they can be Trusted!

27) In 1997, Gates and Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple to Save it from Bankruptcy.

Although we know Apple for its successes, the Cupertino company has also had a wide number of costly failures – and most of them were made when Steve Jobs himself was at the helms. Some of them include the Cube – a monitor-less computer, the Newton PDA and the Apple Lisa.

28) Old Apple notebooks used to have the Logo upside-down.

It wasn’t an oversight error but a deliberate decision to make it user-friendly.

29) The original ‘Apple I’ computer sold for $666.66.

But after i was heavily criticized (for being the “devil’s number”), in the year 1977 Apple lowered the selling price of “Apple I” to $475. However, today an original “Apple I” is expected to sell for about $15,000. In fact, one of the originals sold for a whooping $50,000 at auction in 1999.

30) Products made by Apple don’t have a direct off switch because Steve Jobs was terrified of death

31) Apple made their own video game system in the 90s.

termed as” The Pippin”, Apple produced this game with the help of the toy company Bandai. This game was a $600 CD-based game console that was released in 1995. The game was aiming to give stiff competition with the Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, and the Nintendo 64, but it failed miserably.

32) The famous Apple advertisement from 1984 featuring IBM as the “Big Brother” was directed by Ridley Scott — the same man who also directed “Aliens” and “Gladiator.”

33) Apple Predicted Siri 24 Years Ago So Perfectly, It’s Scary


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