Top 5 Best eBook Reading Apps for Android Phones/Tablets

Knowledge is power – and gaining knowledge comes from reading. While reading a physical book is no doubt a great experience, carrying a large tome is not always practical. Luckily, you have the perfect reading tool on you at almost every minute of the day – your smartphone (and your tablet)! Tablets and smartphones are great companions for reading ebooks while on the go. If you want to read ebooks on your Android tablet, you’ll be glad to know that there are Android apps to serve that very purpose.

That’s right, your trusted little Android device has enough space to carry a full library allowing you to read anywhere and everywhere. Of course, reading your collection of eBooks will require a reading app – all major eBook sellers provide ebook reading apps for Android phones and tablets, and they’re free! This article will introduce you to some of the most popular and best rated ebook reading apps for Android, and show you where to download them, and where to get ebooks for them. The following list of the top 5 best eBook reading apps for Android will help you find that perfect platform for reading.

Aldiko eBook Reader

Topping the list is Aldiko, probably the best app you’ve never heard of. Despite not receiving the publicity of other apps (Kindle, Nook, etc.), Aldiko does a brilliant job. You can read and download eBooks easily, manage your collection and import your own books from your SD card in ePUB and PDF formats. There is also a wide range of books that are available free of charge.

Aldiko eBook reader comes with a comfortable and customized ebook reading experience with the option of changing font, color, margin, night mode, bookmarks, full text search and lot more. Using Aldiko eReader Android app, you can browse huge catalogs of ebooks including the best sellers, customize your reading experience and import your own ePub and Pdf files. With Aldiko, you are not locked into one ebook store. Instead, you can buy ebooks from any ebook retailer that sells Adobe PDF or EPUB ebooks. You can download ebooks directly to your device without needing to use your computer. Import your own content and create your own ebook catalogs.

Kobo eReader

Kobo is probably the biggest rival to Amazon’s Kindle in terms of popularity and is excellent on both tablets and smartphones. Reading and downloading eBooks is extremely easy and there is also a collection of over 1.8 million free books available as well as millions of paid books. Definitely an app worth having!

With Kobo as the eBook reader you can share quotes, notes and awards to the famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also recommend a book from your library to a friend. You can also add a book to your library from your email, web or from your Dropbox account.  Also you can add your own ebooks but those should be in epub format and this will be easily read by Kobo reader.

Cool eBook Reader

EBooks are available in a wide range of formats, with some apps this means converting the file to a suitable format before reading, not with Cool Reader is doesn’t. This app supports pretty much every format you can think of and many you can’t. There is also a range of features to make the reading experience an enjoyable one. It’s actually my favourite reading app, and I always have it on my Galaxy S2. I’m sure I’ll download it for the Galaxy S3, too, as soon as I get its contract version.

Amazon Kindle eReader

If you have only ever heard of one eBook reading app in your life, there is a good chance it’s this one. The Amazon Kindle has revolutionised the way we read books and the app does a great job of replicating the popular reading device, albeit without the e-ink. The brightness and background colours are excellent as is the user experience. The only downside is the restriction in format.

FBReader App

This app is a great choice for books in epub, oeb and fb2 (.zip) formats and offers users the change fully customise the reading experience to their requirements. The catalogue of titles offers a wide range of ebooks in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish languages and supports a number of external dictionaries.


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