Top 5 Best FREE VPN Providers in 2013

VPN (Virtual Private network) services have become a very popular solution for anonymous browsing and to open blocked websites at work/school. Though the most popular ones come with price tag with them, there are some free VPN software alternatives that might serve the purpose of many. Using these free VPN service you can browse anonymously without any fees. These kind of VPN services allow you to hide your real IP address, your country and all such private details. This is particular helpful in certain countries that block some website like Facebook, YouTube etc . For instance, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, IMDB, Wired and even VOIP services like Skype are blocked in China and Google closed down its Chinese servers few years back. But using free VPN service you can browse those web site without being detected and blocked.

Latest technology trends suggest a growing popularity of free VPN Services as alternatives to web proxies for anonymous web browsing/surfing. Here in this article, I have enlisted some of the top 5 best free vpn software that come for totally free but are as good as those paid VPN services. Without much ado, lets have a look at these top 5 best free VPN software for 2013:


SecuritKISS is a comparatively new but very promising VPN service provider, which provides up to 300 MB of free data usage every day which sums up to 9 GB of free monthly data usage with a speed support up to 100 Mb/sec, which should be more than enough for many average users who surf internet daily.

Security Kiss is is one of the best free VPN services found today, as it is free for lifetime and the free service offers enough bandwidth and speed for any normal internet user. In addition,  Security Kiss is 100% advertisement free service and you can switch to unlimited server every day in free version. No doubt why this awesome free VPN gets to be featured on tons of VPN reviews.

Open VPN

As the name suggests, Open VPN is an open source VPN based on open SSL written by James Yonan and is published under the GNU General Public License. So it is not only absolutely free but also you are welcome to modify it’s source code to suite your needs. It provides highest level of privacy and security and if that’s what you are looking for, then look no further.

If you are still not convinced, OpenVPN community has reached 5 million users and their website experiences more than 500,000 visits and 150,000 downloads per month. Go ahead and download it for your OS from their website today.

Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN  is another best free VPN service that you can find today. UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. The user is required to get an account before actually using it. After downloading and installation, enter the account details and connect.

It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection. Using Ultra free VPN service you can watch streaming websites like or, access blocked websites from within a corporate environment, connect or log in into MSN if it’s blocked, use VoIP software like Skype if it’s blocked, protect your email and browsing privacy. UltraVPN works on Windows, MAC, and Linux.


Cyber ghost is one of the best free VPN service provider based out in Romania, Germany. This VPN service also offers a fast, secure, and anonymous web browsing connection for users. Like other services, a tunnel is formed between VPN client and server using SSL and 128 bit encryption which takes your surfing in a private mode.

Their VPN meets security and quality conditions of the federal agencies. They allow upto 1 GB of free bandwidth for free users and also have some reasonably priced paid versions. The IP address is also hidden. In Free plan, 1GB traffic/month is available which is often enough for basic uses is. It works on all Windows versions.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is a critically acclaimed VPN software for its its simple and intuitive UI and effective capability.Though the free version provides only 500 MB of free usage per month you can tweet a request and get an additional 500 MB of usage, a rather weird promotional method but definitely worth it.And this VPN supports Microsoft Exchange as well.


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