Top 5 Best iOS Apps For a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving 2012 and overwhelmed how to begin? This year, think like a geek and give thanks for apps as apps can help you have a great and super successful and fun-filled Thanksgivings day by helping you search and find recipes, creating shopping lists and more. Whether you’re a first-time Thanksgiving Turkey cook or the family’s expert chef, smartphone and tablet apps can make your Thanksgiving day dinner preps easier and just lot more fun.

When someone tells you about “Thanksgiving and apps,” your brain probably starts thinking ‘apps’ as in appetizers, not applications. It is a lot easier these days to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner is a success, thanks to smart phone apps. Whether your menu calls for a turkey or a tofurkey, here’s a list of top 5 best apps to help you enhance (and survive) Thanksgiving.

Make The Best Thanksgiving Dinner With These Apps

Whether it’s your first time tackling a turkey or you’re a pro looking for new recipes, smart phone apps are working to make Thanksgiving dinner easier. These apps will help you at every step, from picking recipes and planning a menu, to cooking multiple dishes at one time, to figuring out what to do with 20 pounds of leftovers. Every host needs these top five best and essential apps to plan and prep a successful Thanksgiving dinner. These apps for smartphones and tablets will take the guesswork out of managing meals and guests.


One of the most important parts of Thanksgiving is the feast, and there’s nothing worse than promising a delicious dish only to forget a key ingredient. Avoid that disaster with Shopper, ($0.99), an app for organizing your grocery store trip. It’ll even match your needs to coupons so you can save money while saving time. Its Retailer Flayers section contains big number of stores that bring you the best Black Friday deals as soon as they become available.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker

Most dinners on Thanksgiving have the old standbys. Switch it up a little with Thanksgiving Menu Maker, (FREE)which lets you plan out your dinner with just a few taps. All recipes are broken down to their categories and you simply add the dishes you wish to make. A shopping list is automatically created. The killer feature is the planner section. This area breaks prep down to the day before, Thanksgiving morning, four hours prior, etc. If you use this app, you’ll have a four course meal planned in minutes.

The Turkey Timer

TurkeyTimer ($0.99) does exactly what it says. It takes the guesswork out of cooking for the holidays by calculating roasting time based on weight, stuffing, desired internal temperature, and basting. You’ll be able to repeatedly answer the question “When will the turkey be done?“. This app is super easy to use, and gives fantastic advice and it is worth it for the “Stick a fork in it” music alone.

The Side Dish Inspiration

The Thanksgiving collection of Appetites ($0.99) includes 18 new cooking classes featuring everything from prosciutto-topped beans and savory bread pudding to fontina biscuits and other made-to-wow holiday hits. Appetites brings you 54 video recipes with more on the way. To download a step-by-step cooking class episode to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, simply tap on a video recipe that has a blue Download ribbon or purchase additional video recipes in the app.

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Sometimes you’d love to have a trained chef in your kitchen to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Enter Snapguide, (FREE) a visual walkthrough app for preparing your Thanksgiving meal.  The magic of Snapguide is that it’s a full visual presentation of your task and it guides you through with ease. This is the next best thing to having Bobby Flay giving you lessons. Snapguide features a number of how-to guides showing you how to get your turkey cooked perfectly, sauté some veggies and make a rockin’ desert.

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