Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Movie Fans

Movie buffs and film addicts can now be better informed before heading to the movie hall (theater). All one needs is a smartphone and you can take advantage of specially designed iPhone apps for film fans. Designed specifically to cater to varying demands of movie fans, these iPhone apps can check out the archives or book cinema tickets, all at a touch of a button.

You can use you iPhone to find films at nearby theaters, learn about favorite stars, check out reviews from professional critics and fellow movie buffs, and share your movie-going adventures with your social media friends and followers. Here are five of the best available iPhone apps for movie fans. From archives to trivia to free cinema tickets there are apps around for almost everything you can think of that has anything at all to do with film and television. Below are listed some of the top 5 best iPhone apps movie buffs can check out before heading to the cinema theater.


A must have for the film fans, Flixter comes free. One can check the trailers, read the reviews, all thanks to the Rotten Tomato rating system. Additionally, you can check out the movies that are due for a DVD release. If you think that this is what all a free iPhone movie app can offer, read on.

Movie buffs can check out the movies playing at their local theater and book online tickets if the facility exists at the cinema hall. True to the spirit of a dedicated movie buff, Flixter offers the facility of leaving behind comments. So, next time you head out to the movie theater after checking out through the app, do not forget to leave your own review on the movie.


In terms of functionality this app is very similar to Flixster. The difference is that this is Flixster for the uber-nerd! Jam packed with every piece of trivia you ever wanted to know about every film listed.

This iPhone app goes a step ahead in innovation and offers you information on unknown aspects associated with the movie. All the gossips you hear about your favorite actress or producer that originated during the shooting of the movie will no longer be a secret if you have IMDb app on the smartphone. Other features are similar to Flixter and the app is available for free. You can check out the reviews and opinions on a movie before heading to the theater. Movie fans can look up the top box office winners for the week. For fun, take a peak at a list of the bottom 100 films — as rated by IMDb users for sheer awfulness — and the top 250 picks.


This is a must have app if you are hard pressed for time and still wish to catch up your favorite movie. Planning a day off with the family also gets easy if you have Fandango app on your smartphone. Head out to the restaurant with your family, book the tickets through Fandango and get a print of the same as you reach the theater. A must have for a keen movie buff, Fandango has managed to grab attention of cinema goers.

iCollect Movies

A keen movie buff cannot ignore this app. For those having a large DVD collection, the app can work wonders. The camera of the iPhone can be used to scan the bar code of a movie. The app can then download the information about the movie along with the cover and add the same to your collection.
Online syncing feature is also available in the app and you can share information with other devices. A free version of the app is also available but comes without the scanning facility. You will need to type the UPC codes manually if you are using the free version.

Movies Now HD

This iPhone app is much similar to Fandango and allows one to purchase tickets while on the move. The app however has beautiful interfaces and has greater usability.

Check out these innovative iPhone apps and be prepared for a sweet surprise. This post was contributed by Alyssa who is a writer/blogger. She loves writing traveling and reading books. She contributes in ACS Industrial.


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