Top 5 Best Project Management Apps for iPhone 5

The iPhone is an incredibly versatile mobile device that can handle a variety of applications without slowing down. This makes it an equally powerful tool both for students and for business-minded people who are always multitasking to complete projects even on the go. With the help of the right apps, making sure every endeavor is executed efficiently will be much easier. Project management on the go has never been easier than with the iPhone and here, we’ll take a look at the top 5 iPhone applications for project management to help you be more productive — even on your iPhone!

Collaboration, sharing, and communication are essential functions in project management and finding the right tools to support those functions can be tedious with the hundreds of applications available on iTunes. Here, we’ve put together a list of five iPhone 5 apps for project management you may want to check out as most of these apps can now be used with the iPad 2 as well.


Having to switch between the computer in the office and the iPhone just to check schedules for meetings, deadlines and project setups, can be a hassle. This app syncs with any of the user’s email accounts so that they can take all of their to-do lists anywhere they want. Edit tasks when a meeting is cancelled or when a project is postponed, or create a brand new task list for new projects. An Internet connection isn’t required at all times, as changes made offline are saved and synced to the user’s email or to iCal when the iPhone gets back online.


This app is actually a mobile companion to the award-winning all-around project management program for Mac OS X, so it requires having the software first installed on the user’s iMac or MacBook. Once the two software have been connected through the iPhone Sharing Module, users can then bring all their carefully-drafted projects in their pockets. The mobile app’s key features are the ability to (1) modify every bit of information on the projects, (2) attach files, photos and more to the task lists, and (3) view color-coded charts for project timelines.

Outpost 2

The people behind web-based project management program Basecamp developed their own iOS app to complement the popular website. Outpost 2 mobilizes the simple all-in-one page layout of Basecamp, letting users view their projects, team members and clients on the go.

The app also supports multiple accounts and messages, so users can switch between different projects while keeping communication with all contacts. Those same contacts can also be synced with the iPhone’s Address Book. Chart the progress of any project with the exclusive calendar view, which outlines the entire business plan in a nice streamlined chronological diagram.

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Action Method

It should be no surprise to see that this is yet another complementary mobile app for the main web app, basing its functions on the very helpful Action Method. Fortunately, this app can be used on its own. Organizing all tasks into multiple projects is hassle-free with its well-designed interface, so users can focus on executing each task instead of wasting precious time constantly fixing to-do lists.

Set priorities for important assignments with the Focus screen, and locate the rest of the crucial details spread out in different lists with the Quick Search function. Adviser page helps users get back on track by reminding them of stalled areas in their projects. For those who already use the main web app, syncing of data between its server and the iPhone is fast and constant, so there is hardly any downtime.

Zoho Projects

Like the Outpost 2 app, users need to have an account on the Zoho Projects online web tool because this mobile app is merely an extension. However, it does prove itself to be very useful in its own right. Besides the standard access to view and edit established projects and the ability to create new tasks, it features an easily navigable Smart View interface, instant online updating to inform contacts, and simple task accomplishment checking and delegation. Take down notes using the voice recorder so not a single minute is wasted having to type every little detail. Keep to a tight schedule with the timer feature that can log in start and stop times for any activity.

These five iPhone apps unlock the true potential of the cutting-edge mobile device, helping drive productivity in any organizational venture.

About the Author: Jay Manangan is an online marketing strategist for Repair Labs, An industry-recognized specialist in computer and gadget repair. He spends most of his time on the internet, reading technology and computer blogs. He’s the axeman of a band called “ManMinusMachine”.


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