Top 5 Best Things That Make ‘HTC Incredible S’ A Great Smartphone

HTC Incredible S is a classic smartphone that is recently launched by HTC. Its impressive specifications and trendy look makes it quite unique and user friendly. The best things in life are free and there are a number of networks offering HTC’s Incredible S for free on a variety of contracts and options. So does the old saying stay true? We look at top five great things about the HTC Incredible S to find out…

1. Shape

The HTC Incredible S feels just right in the hand; it’s not too big like some of the 4.3inch screened devices out there, it’s not too heavy and it’s not in any way flimsy. In fact it’s the perfect phone for everyday use – striking that balance between filling up your pocket and providing a lovely size screen for viewing images and footage on. It’s easy to grip due to its rubber back and has a wonderful feel of quality like most HTCs. Over all it’s one of the nicest feeling phones in any group of devices on the market.

2. Camera

This HTC smartphone has a great snapper, very much like the one we’ve seen in the Desire HD but perhaps a little better. It has dual LEDs, a decent sensor and 8 megapixels of image capturing power. It’s capable of recording 720p video at 30fps so you’re sure to be satisfied watching yourself act out those Charlie Chaplin skits after a few drinks.

3. HTC Sense

HTC has once again added its Sense user interface to the already capable Android 2.2 operating system. To be frank, Sense adds just the ideal amount to Froyo to make it that little bit more neat and tidy. HTC’s sense allows you to flick across numerous windows and place numerous widgets in those windows to access quickly. Its Friends Stream is one of the best social media apps on any phone and it really is a winner on the HTC Incredible S.

4. Solid

The HTC is an all round capable phone – it doesn’t do anything incredibly but it does everything very well. It’s got a fast Snapdragon processor, relatively good battery life, a good screen, camera and operating system and it looks just a little unique. It’s like the best things in life, always there but never showy.

5. Screen

The HTC AMOLED screen is as good as most and offers good colors as well as being a good size. It has very cool, light-up, rotating controls at the bottom of the screen that turn off when the screen does and its 480×800 resolution looks great on the 4 inch screen.
All in all, we’d say that the HTC Incredible S is a very solid offering. All the other components work well together to give very good performance, whether you’re watching videos, playing games or surfing the web, and it’s a good, diplomatic size for portability and practicality.


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