Buying Guide: How to Compare, Select and Buy Best eReaders

If you have been thinking to buy an e-Book Reader and looking for Best eBook Reader Reviews and Comparisons, today is your lucky day! Shopping around for an awesome e-book reader that has the wow-factor or a small tablet that can also be used as an eReader? With so many options available today and with so many eReaders and tablets emerging every month, the task is indeed daunting. But the good news is that the list of best eReader choices is actually quite short and prices and features are getting better everyday. What’s more? If you know how to compare and select from these hoard of options available, then you can easily find and shortlist a few gadgets that can meet your needs perfectly.

But before we jump in, it is important to understand how an eBook Reader works and what you should expect out of one. It is a well accepted fact that it is difficult to read digital text than it is to read printed written text. This is due to a number of reasons, such as how you have to lean forwards to read instead of back, and how your face is further away from the text. These two problems have been solved with e-readers, which may be why you have chosen to purchase one. Whatever your reasons for buying one are, you should consider the points below before purchasing your dream eReader.

Select the Right Size for Your Hands

The bigger readers will need to be placed on your lap or on a table if you want to use them, unless you are laying down where you can rest it on yourself. You need to consider the size in relation to your hands. The bigger the device is then the harder it is to hold. If you already have small hands then you are going to have to consider a smaller device.

The Thickness of the eReader Matters

The size of your hands is one factor, as is the thickness of the device. The thicker the device is then the harder it is to hold for extended periods. You have to grip a little harder, and over time it starts to make your hands ache. If the device is slim but heavy, then it is still easier to hold than a device that is lighter but thicker. So again, the smaller your hands are then the thinner you want your e-reader to be.

Make Sure The eReader is Not Too Heavy

This has a little more to do with the strength of your hands and wrists than it does with the size of your hands. If you have fairly strong hands and wrists then you will be able to hold a heavier device for longer. However, the longer you hold a heavy device then the harder it becomes. For example, a lot of people are unable to hold the iPad 3 for extended periods because it is over 600g (approx 1.3 pounds). So, keep the weight of the device in mind when you are thinking about your e-reader.

eBook Reader with a Sharp Image Display

Reading static text is not too difficult, even if the text is not as sharp as you would like. However, over extended periods, some people complain that it is hard to look at the text if it is not of a sharp focus. This is especially a problem if you have to read a lot of very small text on the device. Consider getting a device that has a sharper image to make reading for extended periods a little easier on your eyes.

The Brightness of The Screen

Reading from a dark screen is difficult. It is already difficult to read digital text, so the last thing you want is for the screen to be too dark. Keep a look out for the ones that have a very bright screen. Just be sure that it is not blindingly bright. Be wary of reviews that claim that screen gets darker as it ages. Some people complain that their e-readers have gotten darker with time.

A Good eReader Should Show Good Whites

This may seem silly, but you will find that e-readers with a good white display (assuming that it is black text on a white background) are easier to read from. Some people also complain that their e-readers have taken on a yellow tinge as they have gotten older. This may be due to poor construction, or from it being left in the sun, cold, humidity or damp, or it may be for another reason. Just be wary of reviews where people are saying that the device starts to have a yellow tinge after a while.

When you have found your chosen e-reader, check out the secondhand ones on eBay and look to see if any of them are being advertised as secondhand with a yellow tinge on the screen.

The Battery Life

Tablets tend to have a shorter battery life than tablets that are just made for reading text (e-readers). However, some manufacturers give e-readers a smaller battery to make it lighter and thinner. Read a few reviews on the battery life of your chosen e-reader before you buy it. If you are planning to use your e-reader mostly at home, then the battery life is not such a big factor. But, if you are planning to be out and about with your e-reader, then consider the battery life carefully.

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