Top 5 Best Ways to Speed up Your Broadband Connection In Just Five Minutes

Do you have a need for (broadband) speed? Did you stumble upon this article while searching for ‘ways to Boost your Download Speeds‘ or ‘methods to boost your Broadband Internet connection‘? Then you are in luck — this quick-start guide could kick-start your connection. However, note that this post doesn’t cover any tips for speeding up your computer.

1. Get off the factory-set wireless channel:

In theory this shouldn’t be a problem if your router is fairly new as most now detect the clearest channel to broadcast on but it could be worth a look.

Use your router’s configuration page (it’ll look something like this: to change channels by trial and error or use a tool like Meraki’s Wi-fi stumbler or inSSIDer to find the least busy channels.

Wireless signal can also be disrupted by other devices operating the same range. Moving the router away from Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, cordless phones etc could speed up the connection.

2. Go wired:

Recent research has shown that connecting an Ethernet cable rather than using Wi-fi makes broadband 30% faster. You can also find some great pricing on ethernet services.

It’s no surprise really – Wi-Fi is notoriously inefficient – but the inconvenience factor means this might be one to save for the odd occasion when speeds are really important.

3. Check your microfilter:

Your broadband provider has probably provided you with a microfilter (AKA a broadband filter or splitter) – it’s the little box between your phone line and your router.

For these to work effectively you’ll need one any phone sockets that you’re using, not just the one that your modem is plugged into, and you want it to go straight from your phone socket to the router.

Extension cables just cause interference and slow your broadband down. Use a long Ethernet cable from your router to your computer if you need the extra reach, it’ll be much more efficient.

4. Keep an eye on the clock:

From the end of the month, the UK’s biggest broadband providers have promised to publish details of their traffic management polices.

That’ll mean, more than likely, that you’ll know that watching youtube videos at 6pm (or maybe even 4pm, depending on how generous your provider is) will be slowed down. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that except…

5. Change broadband service provider:

Ok, yes, I work for a broadband comparison site. Take that look off your face.

Changing deal really is one of the simplest ways to speed up a connection. Providers are more than happy to leave their existing customers in the slow lane even as they roll our faster broadband. A few weeks ago I realized my parents were still paying out for a 512kb connection from a provider than offers up to 20Mb deals.

Ask to speed up or check your phone number/postcode to see whether providers with access to the best maintained ADSL or fibre networks can supply you.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Julia Cook who is a staff writer for, a consumer site that helps users to compare broadband deals. The site also features guides on topics such as where to get sky sports for the cheapest price.


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