Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Smart Phones

Are you new smartphone buyers and wondering — what’s the best browser to surf the Web on your smartphone? Mobile users need to make sure they have good browsers that aren’t only speedy but also efficient and developed in such a way that doesn’t lag or cause security problems in your mobile. The most popular mobile OS available in the market currently is the Android, iOS or the Symbian/Windows 7 platform but the default browsers on these often aren’t one of the bests.

Thankfully, Mobile Web browsers are fast catching up with their desktop counterparts in terms of functionality and features. If you’re using any of the given operating systems then you need one of these below mobile browsers that would enable your smartphone with faster, secure and efficient mobile browsing. Recent years have seen cool mobile browser feature additions like tabbed browsing, icon-driven interface, the ability to share bookmarks with desktop browsers etc. Here are the top five best mobile browsing options available for those wanting a slice of the Web on their smartphones. You can download these alternative web browsers (mobile) and install in addition to your smartphone’s native web browser.

Opera Mobile

The Opera Mobile browser app is considered as the fastest web browser when it comes to Android and Symbian operating systems. The application has installed the technology that can mark the website as an HTML5-ready browser and supports all graphics even 3D ones. The Opera browser is fast and efficient and doesn’t suffer any disruptions. It’s a clean innovation that sticks with little old fashioned features such as separate search and URL fields. Even though this takes up a lot of screen space it still can be considered as a great browser because of its graphics, speed and text wrapping.

UC Browser

The UC Browser has the finest download manager available which conducts instantaneous and synchronized downloads with practically no holdups. The user interface is spotless and truthfully augmented for small mobile screens. An additional benefit is that you don’t require an amazing and expensive phone to use it, as versions are available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

On your initial start-up, you can easily import bookmarks from other browsers, but not browsing history and passwords. Subsequently, you’re recommended to fix your Speed Dial page which assists as the chief page you perceive every single time you click on a new tab. In Speed Dial feature, you can add your preferred URLs for fast, single-tap access. UC Browser also includes a rather plain villa RSS reader that lets you aggregate content from your favorite mobile news sources.


Mozilla has raised a wirier fox with acute eyes. Firefox devotes the complete screen to webpages. Swiping from the right bezel in the direction of the screen discloses a tray with navigation buttons that go back and forward, settings, and a star icon for single-click bookmarking. Under settings, you can fare downloads, add Add-ons even though, at about 160 the mobile Add-on availability is still limited and toggle settings, such as the just-added Do Not Track Feature. Formerly presented only on the desktop, Do Not Track permits security-conscious users to opt-out of online behavior tracking.

iBrowser 2

iBrowser 2 is one more great browser that’s designed basically for iPhone users considering it lets iPhone users view two Web pages instantaneously. This is great for iPhone users who love shopping and wish to check prices and compare them with other websites side by side. Apart from this the Incognito browser is also a good option as a browser for iPhone users as it’s based on the same engine as the Safari.

Dolphin Browser

Users can come in contact with all the content of the internet history from bookmarks to browsing history by clicking the phone’s Menu button. Dolphin also impersonates Firefox’s features as it swipes in from the left discloses a Bookmarks keeper; copping from the correct exposes add-ons and themes. The newest version tidies up a previously crisp interface. Background menus are backlit with luminous green. The left sidebar gains a “Quick Access” drawer for key functions such as settings, a search button, and single-click bookmarking. Dolphin feels faster than Android’s stock WebKit browser because it returns control to the user more quickly, even though it renders pages in about the same amount of time.

The aforementioned are the best mobile browsers for fast browsing and efficient internet use on mobile smartphones. What browser do you use on your smartphone? Share with us via comments.

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