Top 5 Biggest Tech Failures of Last Decade

Let’s face the truth – behind every technological advancement, there has to some technological failures as well. Some terrible ideas will definitely follow some genuinely innovative and great ideas. There are certain tech gadgets which are victims of unfortunate developments. Till date, people wonder what can be the cause of failure of some inventions. However, some of these underprivileged tech developments have lead to innovative concept prevailing in the market presently. We are now going to focus our discussion on some of the top 5 best (or shall we call them ‘worst’) technological failures.

Worst Ideas That Caused Epic Tech Failures

Gosh; haven’t we witnessed some failures of truly epic proportion: From launch letdowns to billion dollar bungles. Here are our picks for the biggest technology fails of recent years (of course, in no particular order)!

1. Microsoft Windows Me – The Faulty Edition:

This is regarded as the worst operating system from Microsoft. Windows 98 was the last operating system from Microsoft before NT builds. Prior switching on to NT builds, two 9x-based platforms are shipped by Microsoft – Windows Me and Windows 98 SE. The latter is a refurbished version of Windows 98 but the former is said to be an ‘awkward release’.

Windows Me consisted of only a few features in relation to Windows 2000 and 98. It is also an unstable OS and was often considered as a ‘horrible operating system’ out of the box.

2. Microsoft Tablet PC – Correct Idea with an Incorrect Approach

Microsoft launched a Tablet PC in the year 2001 with the intention to make it a major evolution of PC system. The main objective of Microsoft was to offer its users a convertible laptop or a Windows XP slate featured with voice recognition, handwriting and pens input functionality. Unfortunately, none of these worked out and this new tablet PC could not earn a penny for the company.

What were its drawbacks? Lack of refinement of the PC’s software, unintuitive input and bulk size of the tablet PC are some of the weaknesses of this new invention that wiped it off the market.

3. Sega Dreamcast – The Gaming Console that Could Have Been

At launch Dreamcast was a success with a whole set of radical features together with one VMU memory card and a modem. But the intensive competition from other reputed brands stalled this momentum promptly. Soon the production of this innovative gaming console was stopped.

4. MySpace – A Loss in Social Networking due to Facebook

Sometimes back, Facebook was considered as the second largest social networking site with MySpace acquiring the first position. Facebook gradually took up a privileged position and soon became famous as the most visited site in Google. Certain drawbacks in MySpace like horrible user experience and designing, poor decision-making and shifted focus from core social factors lead to the failure of MySpace as the social networking site. As a consequence, Facebook attracted a wider demographic of users in the long run.

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5. Google Buzz and Google Wave – Very Good Examples of Deficit Social Skills

Google is undoubtedly the most influential force over the Internet. Google made various innovations in its technology to retain its dominance over the web despite of the strong competition from the different social networking sites. Google Buzz and Google Wave initially gained momentum but failed to act as an effective communication tool that can replace email and IM.

Hence, good products can turn out to be a tech disaster due to poor timing and lack of proper marketing. Have an epic tech failure to add to the list? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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