Top 5 Crazy and Weird (Yet Funny) Smartphone Apps

Among the most popular apps for smartphones, besides those essential business tools and indispensable social media networking apps, are, of course, games apps; ‘Angry Birds’ being probably the most popular one of late. Alongside the great and the good programs, however, developers are producing a madcap array of senseless, crazy and just plain weird apps that are being downloaded by millions of iPhone and Android phone users every day.

Some of the apps are pretty darn cool and actually very useful. However, most of them are not so useful. And a few of them even make you say “WTF?!” The main selling point of the iPhone or the Android devices are the plethora of apps available for them, apps that help you find a local restaurant or calculate a tip. And then there are apps that simply make strange [email protected] noises, and yes people actually pay for that. Here are five of the most eccentric apps today. Check them out and let us know if you know of anymore weird apps you think should be on the list.


Now available for Android as well as iPhone, this app converts the phone screen into an image of a glass of beer. When the user tilts the phone and puts the rim of ‘the glass,’ to their lips, it appears as if they are drinking the beer. A distinctly silly app with no meaningful purpose, it is great for entertaining friends whenever there is a lull at a party or in the pub.

Ghost Radar

Available in two versions, Ghost Radar and Ghost Radar Classic, this weird app delivers everything necessary to locate paranormal activity. Its sensors measure vibrations, electromagnetic fields and sounds and it works on Android, BlackBerry, and iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Intrepid ghost hunters need only approach a haunted house or the cemetery, phone in hand, with a little caution; the app produces a digital voice that speaks the words shown on the display. It is likely that this might frighten ghosts that are unfamiliar with contemporary technology.


This must be among the craziest phone apps ever invented; it plays 20 different [email protected] sounds and has a range of features that enables users switch to random [email protected] mode, ‘favorite’ [email protected], use a time delay mechanism, tap the phone to play a [email protected] sound and tap again to repeat it.

Profanity (iPhone) or Swear Box (Android)

It is possible that this app could be deemed mildly useful by some people, making it ineligible for this list, because it enables users to learn new expressions in a foreign language. The only mitigating factor is that all the words and phrases it teaches are swear words or expletives. This makes it an app very few would want to use; after all, who would possibly want to swear in a foreign language when on holiday?

Quiet Candle

Fans of meditation might be tempted by an app that simulates a candle and casts a gentle glow from the display screen of their phone. Users light the candle by flicking the image and blow on their phone to extinguish the flame. There are six types of candle to choose from, just to add to the excitement, but sadly no guarantees that it will engender a tranquil and calming atmosphere.

Evidently there are many crazy Android (and iPhone) apps already out there and doubtless there will be even more within the next few minutes. The capacity for eccentricity and sheer lunacy in the field of app development is definitely not to be underestimated. Talking about craziness, did you know that there are ways to get free micro-sim cards for your iPhone without any contract period? For information on free sim cards, competitive deals on calls, texts and data visit by clicking on the link.


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