Top 5 Easy and Quick Fixes In a Broadband Emergency

Sod’s law never seems so law-like as when you’ve got an exam or an essay coming up: pens run out, vital books go missing and your home broadband suddenly (or not so suddenly) decides to go on the blink.

Need some quick fixes for such broadband emergency moments to get back a stable internet connection? . For that inevitable moment, here are our top five some of the best and quick broadband fixes to let you get back to your work.

1. Give Your Broadband Router a Rest

Turn it off and on again is a cliché for a reason – often, it really does allow the hardware to sort out the problem by itself.

In non-stop-revision season overheating can be a major problem, particularly if you’re using a bog standard router from a basic broadband provider, so try and make it a point to turn the router off at the wall for a few hours a few times a week.

2. Rejig Your Microfilter

Another common broadband traffic problem is a faulty microfilter or splitter – the little white box that divides your home phone line from the line to your broadband router.

They’re cheap little bits of tech and they sometimes break, seemingly for no reason at all. Luckily, they’re exceptionally easy to replace – most providers chuck in more than one when you sign up – and it’s worth a go when you can’t work out what’s going wrong with your internet.

3. Plug It In

At this point we’ll moving on to things you can do to stay online without actually fixing the issue – short on time during an exam period is often the very worst time for hanging on hold or running diagnostic tests on your connection.

An Ethernet cable will do just that provided the problem is somewhere in the broadband router’s wireless connectivity.

If you have an online exam and you’ve experienced problems with dropped connections in the past an Ethernet cable is particularly advised since it’ll also give you a little speed boost.

4. Get a Back-up Mobile Wireless Modem

Mobile broadband isn’t ideal – it’s slow and it can be pricy – but as a last resort having the option to get online this way, particularly when you know you have a dodgy connection, is a must if broadband is vital to your work.

A pay as you go mobile broadband table is handy for finding the cheapest modems and ongoing costs.

5. Teach Yourself to Tether

In the same vein as pay as you go mobile broadband those with smartphones might be smart to learn to tether to the computer when broadband times are hard.

This is sometimes very simple – with an iPhone, for example, ‘turn on internet tethering’ is under the general setting menu – but sometimes you’ll need to download software and/or plug the phone in with a USB so this is worth checking when you haven’t got a deadline looming.

The downside of this method is, again, the cost. Mobile data is infamously expensive so if your studies involve watching long and/or high-quality video or downloading large PDF files keeping an eye pinned to the usage is strongly advised.

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