Top 5 Geekiest Tech Costumes for Halloween

While many communities postpone their 2012 Halloween festivities, trick-or-treating in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there are still many folks who are going to celebrate it like noting has happened. We salute their ‘never say die‘ spirit and bring you some nice cool tech tips for a fun filled Halloween. The best Halloween costumes are always relevant to popular social happenings of the time, so if you’re sporting a techy geekier outfit this Halloween, you’re sure to be a hit! These unique Geek Halloween Costume ideas will ensure you get all the attentions that you deserve this Halloween.

As you hang the cob webs, carve the pumpkins, and purchase mass amounts of candy for the Trick-or-Treaters, be sure to check out these costume ideas to dominate any Halloween adventure. After scouring the Web for creative, techie, geeky and nerdy Halloween getups, we bring you this collection of top geeky outfits and costumes.

Ghost of Steve Jobs

I don’t mean to offend any diehard Apple fans (incidentally, I’m one) here but the iconic Steve Jobs has been a very popular costume go-to for years now. As long as you are sure that your group of friends are not gonna hate you for this, fashion yourself a ghostly spiritual Steve by swapping his trademark black turtleneck and blue jeans for a white turtleneck and washed-out, grey jeans! Add the circular, wire-rimmed glasses that helped define his geek-chic look and be the center of your friend’s attention.

Obsessed Pinterest User

Plenty of people will be getting their costume ideas from Pinterest this year. But what about going as Pinterest? For this creative costume, cut out a bunch of pieces of paper in the shape of pins. Make sure you bring a roll of tape with you for the Halloween night, and every time you see a costume that you love, go to the person and tape a pin to their costume. Be certain to explain that you are “repinning” their costume for next year. You may also want to dress like a bride to be while doing this because, let’s face it, they’re Pinterest’s most loyal visitors/users. So grab your bachelorette party sash and start pinning!

Apple Maps

Search and choose from the vast number of Apple Maps fails available online. Save your favorite image and go to the poster printing section of the FedEx/Kinko’s site. Upload the Apple Maps fail image, select from the print options, place your order, and then pick it up at a designated location. Attach a string to wear it around your neck and you are ready to begin your Halloween party; give people incorrect directions to the restroom and the bar wherever you roam. Better yet, say aloud ‘No Results found‘ in a strange robotic voice when someone asks you directions for the pool table or the party bar.

The Reddit Alien

The past year has been a great year for social media sharing sites and Reddit’s trademark little white alien logo is sure to get you a lot of attention if you can be the Reddit alien this Halloween. The body part of the Reddit alien costume is simple: a white, long sleeve tee-shirt, white sweat pants and white mittens will do the trick just fine. As for the head of the Reddit alien, if you’re handy with a hot-glue gun, you can fashion your own alien head out of whatever material suits you best (cardboard, foam, rubber etc).

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t like Angry birds? The beauty with selecting an Angry Birds costume for Halloween lies in the large number of birds options that it offers. If you are feeling lazy and want a last minute costume then head over to the nearest Wallmart and slingshot yourself into Halloween with the Angry Birds Adult Halloween Costumes. However, if you fall into the category of people who would rather design their own costumes then you may want to try this tutorial and make your own Halloween outfit and dress like an Angry Bird.

Hope these high-tech Halloween costume ideas satisfy the inner geek in you and make you a celebrity among pals this Halloween. However, due to the storm (Hurricane Sandy) if you’re in an area where fallen trees, flooding streets and loose electrical wires threaten to make it difficult or dangerous to trick-or-treat, please don’t hesitate to do the smart thing and stay in this Halloween.


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