Top 5 Internet Browsers Worth Exploring [Outside of IE, Firefox and Safari]

The three mentioned in the title are the most popular internet browsers around the world, with Firefox topping the listInternet Explorer used to come as standard for all PC users, but now with new PCs it comes as an option with a few more ready to choose from.  Safari is Apple’s trademark on the Internet Browsing web.  It is also the Browser used on the iPod and iPhone.  However there are others out there, and some are actually worth taking a look at.  If you use Internet Explorer you are probably in need of something new, and Firefox often is in general the favorite when it comes to a browser alternate to IE. But, here I present you the top 5 alternatives to the most popular web browsers:

Top 5 Internet Browsers Worth Exploring – Outside of IE, Firefox and Safari

Opera: A relatively well known Browser as well.  This is slowly becoming more and more popular, it has become well known for its speed, and generally referred to as; “the fastest browser”, even though the upcoming IE9 is being projected as the fastest browser till now.  Opera is a tidy and well rounded Browser and is now incorporated into Nintendo’s Wii system.  A unique system with Opera is the ability to zoom into an entire document or page without issue.  This doesn’t just re-size text, the entire page is expanded.  This is one of my favorite Browsers as its speed gives me little hassle and the tab system is kept tidy, even when shrouded in toolbars! And yes, there is a version of Opera for the Android too.

Netscape Navigator: This is probably the oldest of the bunch, catching up with the likes of Firefox. This browser could be one of the champions if it got some decent coverage.  This is also a very clean system and has a whole host of add-ons similar to Firefox.  There are many people that consider the Netscape add-ons to be more informative, more thought out and they work well with their server hosting as well.  In terms of diagnosis they seem to be much more in depth and informative.

Google Chrome: Right, this was also an obvious one, but it still isn’t as popular as you think.  This Browser does work very much like Firefox, but in my opinion doesn’t have quite as goo layout.  The thin blue strip at the top feels a bit lonely, and the tabs looked as though they have been rushed.  However unlike Firefox, Chrome very rarely has issues and isn’t likely to break down on you.  You can get add-ons for Chrome but they are still limited and ongoing in production.  This is still quite a young Browser, so it has plenty of room to grow!

Chameleon: A simple mans browser, with some very old school reminiscent features of Internet Explorer 6.  The general layout is hardly what I would call attractive, and there isn’t all that much you can do with it, which means there us much less to go wrong.  It is a very fast browser and although the tabs are untidy, are easy to spot, and because they are small you can fit quite a few in one window.   As said this is for those that just want something standard, if you still use Internet Explorer 6 but don’t want anything fancy, then this is your Browser!

Flock: This is for all you youngsters or social media experts.  This browser comes under the same wing as Firefox, built by Mozilla.  You can utilize this browser as a means of watching all of your social networks with ease.  Instead of having multiple tabs you can have all of your social networks split into separate widgets where you can monitor the most important information from each one.  It’s basically like having a master control page on your web browser where you can monitor all of your social activity and that of your friends!  As for the searching the web side, it is all pretty similar to Firefox, with some problems but without quite as many add-ons.


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