Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a day away and most of us have been busy making plans, schedules for the celebrations ahead. And then there comes the other group of human beings, a smarter group if I may say so,  who prefer using the modern technologies and gadgets to beat the thanksgiving heat! There are a lot of iPhone apps released for the thanksgiving and I have made a list of best 5 iPhone Apps for Thanksgiving day.

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Thanksgiving

From getting to your destination, preparing Thanksgiving treats, or keeping yourself occupied during the long weekend, here are some of the best iPhone apps to help you survive Thanksgiving.

1. iFeast:

The name says it all. If you have planned a big family event this Thanksgiving, then iFeast app is the one you should be looking for. This app helps in synchronizing the meal preparation process and time needed in such a clever way that everything is served hot and delicious at the right time and at the right place at the end. This app is preloaded with four menus pre-scheduled with the countdown timer so that the dishes can be served at the right time, at 6PM.  And don’t u feel bad about the limitation of these menu list.  You can also enter your own recipe and schedules. The schedules can be edited to have breaks in between the cooking time.

2. Turkey Blast – Reloaded:

This is the perfect arcade game for thanksgiving holidays. Loaded with Game center achievements and leader boards, 14 unlockable weapons, 12 different locations, 5 power-ups, unlimited levels and bonus rounds make this game classy! Every game session awards you coins that can be used to unlock a heap of in-game prizes including: weapons, turkeys, background music, scenes, obstacles, and even silly cartoons. This is indeed a must have app for thanksgiving.

3. Best Buy Shoppers App:

You want to have hassle free shopping this thanksgiving? No more standing in the queues, no more arguments with the shopper. This app displays the current price, lowest price, highest price, average price for most of the items. In addition, it also gives you the option to purchase products directly on the internet, straight from your phone and allows the buyer to save money for already purchased item. If you get a product cheaper than the one you bought before, you can call up the customer care and get the discount on it.

4. iHost – Thanksgiving:

Holiday hosting is difficult and a lot of pre-planning is needed for hosting one. This is the perfect planner for thanksgiving parties. The user can have track of all the details like, Guest List, Menu, Beverage List, Shopping List, Budget, Calendar, Recipes and what else am I forgetting. There can be multiple parties planned by this app. The bigger the party gets, the app can turn itself cleverer than before to handle the extra burden. I say, this is the perfect app for hosts.

5. Vintage Thanksgiving Cards:

This app is for card lovers. This app comes with over hundreds of thanksgiving cards to choose from, easy flip through gallery and one touch download of cards, and facility of sending unlimited number of cards to unlimited email addresses. Navigating through the gallery and choosing one of them is charged free of cost. The cards can also be placed as wallpaper too. Wish thanksgiving in style.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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