Top 5 Laptop (Notebook) Maintenance and Repair Tips

Laptop computers, also called notebook computers, are functionally similar to the desktop computers. Laptops are the hottest gadget today, used by all kinds of people regardless of ages; but they are also the most neglected gadgets that you can find in your household, when it comes to their maintenance and proper care taking.

Today, it is a revolutionary technology in the world of computing. But although they are very handy and easy to use and carry around, laptops are prone to many technical glitches when compared to desktop computers. The better you take care of your laptop, the longer it will last and stay productive with less downtime.

Top 5 Laptop (Notebook) Maintenance and Repair Tips

There are some simple yet essential things that you should really do to take care of your laptop when you are trying to make sure it lasts a long time. From the most simple maintenance to that which requires a few minutes of your time it can significantly increase the life of your laptop and in return save you a lot of money. With these top 5 simple and easy to follow suggestions you are sure to help you learn how to take care of your laptop like a geek.

1. Keep Away From Dust Particles

Fine dust particles may not be visible to naked eyes but they are essentially one of the worst enemies for the laptops. It is best to clean your laptops regularly with a soft cotton cloth (not any rough material). Make sure you turn off your laptop for safety measures before cleaning carefully. Do not touch it if your hand is dirty, greasy or wet. Avoid chemicals or acids to clean your laptop. You can use a small-tipped vacuum, a soft paint brush or a can of compressed air to clean it. Always cover your laptop in its bag during non-usage hours to get rid of environmental dusts.

2. Vent Maintenance

This means you need to check all of the vents (air/heat outlets) on your laptop at least once a week to ensure that they are clear and not blocked by any dusts or other such particles. Be sure you do not push anything into the air vents while cleaning though; the safest way to clean these vents typically is using a simple can of air that can be purchased at most computer supply stores.

3. Keep Away From Food and Beverages

Okay we know you’re a geek who must eat, sleep and drink with the laptop; right? Wrong! Do not eat your pizza/burger or drink your cola/bear when you’re working on your laptop/notebook. The food particles could easily occupy the tiny spaces in the keyboard and invite bugs along with their families. This would lead to the worst and most frustrating situation. Also the liquids can produce short circuit issues and your laptop will be in flames and fumes within no time.

4. Do NOT Use Your Laptop on Your Bed

This may seem like an non-issue but when you experience overheating and your laptop on fire, you will suddenly notice the significance of this. In order to help prevent overheating and lap burn and ensure your laptop is getting proper airflow make sure you are using something such as a desk or similar hard surface to hold your laptop anytime you are using it.

5. Keep Away From Extreme Temperature, Humidity and Magnetic fields

Laptops generate more amounts of heat and are capable of adequate thermal tolerances. To take care of it, keep it out of direct sunlight or a bad weather. Do not use laptops in the kitchen. Cover it with the tight laptop bag based on its size while transporting. Do not operate your laptop near any magnetic devices such as microwave oven as this could damage the hard disk.


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