Top 5 Latest and Best in-car Technology to Drive You Wild

Over recent years; the world has seen technology have an ever-expanding impact upon how we live out our lives on a day to day basis, with millions of new products hitting the shelves every day.  It has hit us with such an impact that the majority of people now-a-days would be unable to function efficiently or at all without some sort of technology being ever present.

Personally I am a huge fan and follower of technology and whenever possible attempt to regularly keep up to date with the latest installments and products, such as the brand new iPhone 4 set to be released late 2010.

Top 5 Latest and Best in-car Technology to Drive You Wild

But I’ll have to admit my main following of technology for which I am most interested is interior technology within different varieties of vehicles such as modern cars and vans.  As there are so many different aspects to be released and have already been publicly showcased, an example of this is the all new ‘Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone’ which allows you to carefully drive with caution and avoid losing calls when you’re on the road. The new Bluetooth speakerphone SP200 by Jabra enables also you to make hands-free calls. It does this by connecting wirelessly to your phone and needs no installation, so to operate; simply clip it onto the visor.

Another breath taking gadget that has hit the shelves recently is the all new iPhone/ iPod compatible dock, which allows the driver/ user of the vehicle to simply connect their iPhone/ iPod into the vehicle via a small USB cable and are then able to listen to their favorite tracks available on their device whilst playing through the vehicles indoor speakers, and also depending on the type of vehicle the dock is located; the user is also able to select a different track from the dashboard screen. Do you remember the 1969 Pontiac GTO that was controlled via an iPod Touch, by the way?

There are many other features that technology has brought into the modern world such as, heated window screens and programmable features; “this is when the vehicle allows you to use electronics to express your choice of vehicle you wish to drive”, says Stanford professor of mechanical engineering Chris Gerdes. “You can have it be as sporty or luxurious, as you choose.” Drivers of the new Audi A8, for example can change the car’s ride by raising and lowering road clearance.

Finally another great set of feature that undeniably needs to be added to this segment is the all new parking/ reversing camera that is installed into select model cars, such as the Lexus RX which allows the user to physically see how close they are to an object via a small screen located upon the dashboard of the vehicle also providing the user with sound alerts if within a set distance range. Secondly another futuristic feature that needs to be added to this segment is the all new electronic pedals which are already in current use within the Mercedes models, Chevy Corvette and all recent Audi vehicles. What this feature does is brake-by-wire and accelerate by wire pedals send an electronic signal rather than activating a physical connection to the engine and brakes. Emergency brake handles will also be replaced by electronic controls providing a more safety efficient vehicle and journey.


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