Top Five Most Catastrophic Viruses of All Time

Have you ever wondered, what were the most harmful computer viruses ever and how much harm did they do worldwide? The very fact that today the internet has become the driving force of modern world, also means that it has also turned out to be the primary target for malicious hackers and crackers.

Computer viruses can be devastating for any personal computer user and large corporations, alike. Some virus can corrupt or completely wipe out data on a hard drive, block traffic on a computer network, turn an unsuspecting user’s computer into a virus and malware distributing terminal and steal sensitive and private information from other computers and misuse them for the hacker’s personal gains. In this virus infographic, find out about the most devastating and destructive computer viruses the world has ever seen and find out precisely what made them so catastrophic.

Source: Infographic created by Five Most Catastrophic Viruses of All Time Infographic

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2 Responses to " Top Five Most Catastrophic Viruses of All Time "

  1. James Frost says:

    I even didn’t know that this viruses exists :)
    Sometimes a little bit knowledge helps to keep your mind away from this things and I was that kind of a people but after reading this article am thinking is there any chance of these viruses in my PC?
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  2. James Frost says:

    MyDoom that’s the virus that made people go crazy as it could easily infect our PC through email.All the numbers will make people think that if I was also counted into it :)
    James Frost´s recent blog post ►► Google Projected Mode, the idea to bring Android to the car

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