Top 5 Most Important Skills Every IT Professional Must Have

Today the demand for IT professionals is constantly growing. One must show not only outstanding skills and abilities but also a row of additional features appreciated by employers. Competitive companies are hunting for the best of the best. They pay attention to everything. Once you gain the right status, you never need to send CV again. You will be found and recruited. Sounds attractive? The following rules help to distinguish a reliable and creative prof dev from a regular employee.

1. An ambition for a personal project

Let it be a website, a game, an app for the latest gadgets, an opensource or GitHub account. Any activity that proves your anxiety in development will do. For this reason, it is essential to revise a CV. For example, phrases like “working on xxx project” won’t be enough. Specifics are crucial. It is reasonable to mention features or designs you have finished alone or together with a team. Do not be shy to mention your achievements or coordination experiences. Again, the passion does development must be evident. It is the primary point that distinguishes a regular dev from a hunted one.

2. English language

Yes, the English language is an absolute must. Not a set of basic phrases, but the ability to build complex sentences with correct time forms, basics of a corporate mailing and a rich vocabulary. The most attractive IT companies are international, and the members of the team can be located in different continents of the world. To ease the communication it is necessary to know the spoken and written English together with a glossary of special terms. If an IT professional has been thinking about moving to another country, it is a big plus to know the local language as well.

3. Absence of short-term employment

Attractive work experience lasts at least one year. If there is a two-page list of companies in your CV with 3-6 months of work experience, it looks suspicious. It is the evidence of a problematic personality, questionable skills or any other problem whatever the real reason is. If possible, it is recommended to avoid mentioning short-term employment. Otherwise, mention it as a project with the stress on its content. Again, these are coding abilities that always matter the most, but if you fail to represent them correctly in your CV, you will waste a chance to apply them.

4. Mentoring, blog, vlog for devs with 20+ years of experience

Youngblood is always attractive for HR-department. You, an over-experienced developer with 20+ years of coding for various companies, must prove that you are none the worse. The best way to show your skills is to represent your project, personal blog, vlog or mentoring experience. There you can share all the tips you have learned while working on projects with various teams and aims. Order a professional text or proofreading on if you are bad in writing. Show your time management skills and eager by providing a potential employer with a personal product no matter what it is. Gain respect which young and passionate professionals will never have.

5. Main developing focus areas 

A game developer won’t be hired for programming a medical equipment as well as the opposite. The area of your focus should be your passion. For example, geek players are as a rule the best producers. If you play a musical instrument or write electronic music, then focus on Pure Data and became the best in this unique field. Together with specialization follow the general trends. It is important to find the balance and create a network of interests which will work for you as a motivation for the rest of your professional career.

Bottom line (Top 5 Skills Every Software Professional Must have)

Doing what makes you happy is always a successful strategy. If you are regularly napping during the office meetings, give up an office job and go to sailing to the open ocean of freelance. Win your own goals and become the best version of yourself with the help of the previously mentioned tips.


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