Top 5 Most Popular and Addictive Android Games

After compiling the top 5 most popular iPhone games of all time list, let me take the series one step further and come up with a similar list for Androids — a mobile technology, which changed the face of mobile phone OS and how everything worked before. This is adaptively portable and this is the main reason why it got popular in a very short period of time. Here I present the top 5 most addictive Android games I have ever played. Let me know if I missed anything and I would love to try those too.

PacmanPacman Android

Seriously! Who doesn’t know about this game? Who hasn’t played this game? This is one of the most popular games and is present on almost all the platforms. The android version of the game is neat and looks and feels like its arcade counterpart. The graphics, sounds, experience says it all. The android version is well detailed with the ghosts and fruits on it. Just give a try and you would love it!

Dynamo KidDynamo Kid Android

It’s tough, challenging, addictive, tricky and not for the faint of heart, period. What else someone would expect from a $2 game? The controls are real simple; to make Dynamo Kid jump, the user has to tap on the screen. This was the easy part of the game. The game gets complicated with the introduction of the bad guys. They can be killed with the same touch approach. Along the way there are the villains with balloons which can’t be killed but can be moved with the tap. It’s similar to the Mario games and a must play for a Android user.

Diner BashDiner Bash Android

One question before the review! Have you ever played Café World from Zynga. This game did remind me of Café World. Here you are the waitress. Guys don’t mind being a waitress; it’s a nice game to play if you don’t want to change your sex virtually. The game is about a waitress and her intense job. So in the game, keep your eyes open, seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food and collect tips. It’s a completely entertaining, addictive arcade game. Have a try!

Angry BirdsAngry Birds Android

After having the golden period in iOS, Angry birds has taken birth again for Android. Long wait huh! Two betas, repeated delay in the release and finally it come. The storyline of angry bird is simple; in each level you are supplied with some angry birds that have had their eggs stolen by evil pigs. There are five different races of birds, each with its own traits. You have to launch the birds at an appropriate angle using a catapult to eliminate the pigs. This game is highly addictive. Just make sure you do not kill pigs in reality; they ain’t that bad.

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Slimeball SpeedwaySlimeball Speedway Android

The game is quick and gets even quicker when progresses. A growing ball of slime races through town and eats the inhabitants! A factory mishap has transformed a chemical spill into a speeding slimeball of doom! You have to navigate your sinister slime as it rolls through town eating the hapless victims that cross its path. The more the blob eats, the bigger it gets. The bigger it gets the more objects it can eat. As your blob grows, so does its speed– so make sure it eats as much as it can! Worth a try for a android gamer.

Bonus Game: PinballPinball Android

I loved this game on my PC as a kid. I couldn’t control myself from trying this one on the Android! The game has been designed smartly with a number of boards. Pinball for Android charges you with the task of keeping your ball alive for as long as possible by flicking it away with your flippers. It’s very easy to control – you just hold down to activate the plunger and then tap the screen to move the right and left flippers. This is perfect for beginners, though pinball purists may curse the absence of independently controlled flippers or a nudge feature.


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