Top 5 Most Popular and Addictive iPhone Games

Did Steve Jobs say, iPhone is the most sold gaming device across the globe? How many of you agree with that remark? I must confess, I do!  Playing games on an iPhone is really a great experience and it is something that most iPhone users actively consider while buying their Apple phone. iPhone’s superior processor speed, awesome and super-reactive multitouch screen, mind bending accelerometer makes it one of the best for game play. Here we present the top 5 most popular iPhone games of all time:

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone

GTA! Who does not know about this game? Rockstar games did a revolution when they released GTA for PC/PS. Now this, the iPhone sibling of the PC/PS counterpart has been able to keep its legacy alive in its fan world. It is priced at 9.99$ and does cost a bit high when compared to other iPhone apps but it’s worth paying for a game like this.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump iPhone

It’s a simple and cleverly designed game. Players are designed just like the Green aliens from Toy Story. The players have to bounce as high as they can. By tilting the iPod/iPhone, the character bounces right or left onto the platforms. Some of the platforms move and some of them break under the players’ weight. The platforms have springs, trampolines and even jet packs. Watch out for the monsters that the players can shoot with their Snork snouts. But miss one of the platforms and watch as your cute doodle character falls to his death. The game looks promising for a price of a mere 0.99$.

NFS: Need for Speed Shift

NFS Need for Speed Shift

Racing game lovers, this is the one for you. This is one of the most favorite games on the iPhone.  I have seen a lot of Need for speed versions launched for different consoles. But on iPhone the experience is mind-blowing. This is almost the same game on an iPhone as in a PC, until you come across the tilting phenomena; the way in which the Cars are steered. It’s tough the way they are controlled but once your hands get familiar with the tilt, the real game starts. Vroom! Vroom!

GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT Racing Motor Academy iPhone

How could I miss GT racing from my list when I have already mentioned about the NFS. When NFS set the standard of racing games, the GT refined it. The lessons are well-constructed and accurate, though it lectures about principles that are common sense to any racer. This game is packed with whooping 63 events, 14 venues which also includes closed courses to off-road rally. Online multiplayer is possible for 6 players over WiFi. A must try for every racer.

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 iPhone

Did anybody yell “Perfect”? I did when I got my hands on The Sims 3 on my iPhone. The game has everything in it; a solid Sim creator, choosing wishes from a whooping number of 75, satisfying all of them makes you unlock an extra career option (criminal), buying a car, house expansion, job hikes, personal tastes, romance, going on a date and a lot more. It has been priced at 6.99$ and this is a perfect game for that price.


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