Top 5 Must Have Money Saving iPhone Apps

A smartphone like iPhone may have a hefty price tag, but there are tons of money-saving apps for your iOS mobile phone. These apps can help you find deals exclusive to app users, access coupons, or find businesses around you offering deals better than the competition. Make sure you have these must-have money-saving iPhone apps to help find the best deals around — and maybe even pay for your next iPhone with the money you’ll save.

Ultimate List of Top 5 Best Free Money Saving iPhone Apps

1. Cheap Gas!: The free Cheap Gas! app from is worth the exclamation mark. Gas is expensive, and it’s hard to know where this best deals are. This iPhone app uses GPS to find the best deals around you, and then can give directions too.

2. Coupon Sherpa: This free app for iPhone is the mother of all coupon hubs. Find in-store coupons as well as exclusive deals for users — just show the entry at checkout. You can search by category or store name, locate merchants closest to you, and even e-mail coupons to your friends. And it’s all free.

3. Foursquare: The new darling of social media, Foursquare is more than just a game or the new Twitter — it can actually help you save money. Available as an app for every mobile platform, users can open the app anywhere and see all the businesses around them. These businesses in turn may offer Foursquare-exclusive discounts to users, and offer more dealers for those who “check in” to their establishments. Plus, it’s pretty addictive. Find your shopping or dining needs with Foursquare, then use it to get discounts at those places. This app is free as well.

4. Gilt: Currently available for iPhone and iPad, Gilt-y parties can take their search for incredible deals on name brands with them anywhere. Gilt members can shop on exclusive, time-sensitive sales at a steep discount. Don’t miss out on any deal by getting the Gilt app for your mobile device.

5. Skype: Available for pretty much every mobile device, the free Skype app lets the millions of registered Skype users take the popular program on the go. Most people already know the deal: Skype lets you call anybody anywhere in the world. For calls or text chats between Skype users, it’s completely free, and calls to landlines or international calls are dirt cheap. It’s an awesome service that just got better with the ability to talk on the go, allowing you to save on your minutes and save loads of money on any international calls. This is a must-have for smart phone owners.

Bonus App – Wi-Fi Finder: Being able to access the internet on the go is great, but 3G data plans are costly. If you can find free Wi-Fi, you can save big money on your phone bill. That’s exactly what this app does: helps you find free Wi-Fi. The database is huge, with over 320,000 locations in 140+ countries worldwide.

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