Top 5 Reasons Network Attached Storage (NAS) is Critical for Backup

If you are using a single disk external hard-drive, the HDD will fail one day causing data loss. This is the main reason you should consider switching from a single drive external hard disk (HDD) to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for home/office backup. Are you aware that text data, along with other info items don’t need to really consume storage devices? By using Network Storage or NAS, text data together with other info items are allowed to be filed locally to the network to where it is connected.

Network attached storage devices allow multiple users and multiple PCs to access files directly from the network they share. It’s a step forward in file sharing technology. It’s easy and quick to access files from any workstation within a network and is a great addition to any sized business. It is true that network attached storage allows you to maintain your even functioning of your business, making it very important and extremely crucial not just to smaller businesses, but huge firms as well. Here are top five best reasons why NAS could be an important addition to your business:

Helps Clearing Space on Server Driver

It clears space on your server driver. Considering that NAS unit is made up of vital files that are intended to be typically occupying your hard disk area, ample area remains on your own desktop computer or server. Putting vital files that you need to retain onto an NAS drive means that you free up space on your desktop or laptop. This will enable your computer to run more smoothly, as it won’t be clogged up with data.

Easy to Setup

NAS is easy to set up. You won’t need to buy in technical help to run this technology, meaning an overall cost saving on IT. A NAS machine is straightforward to get going and also permits you to save the budget for desktop computer routine maintenance payments. The easy nature of administering this technological innovation will mean that you will not require a regular network administrator within the small business at all.

Reliable Backup System

NAS provides you with a dependable back-up system for all important files. NAS devices come with advanced software that can be scheduled to back up your digital content on a regular basis so you can set it and forget it. Should your hard drive on your PC or laptop malfunction, you’ll still have all the files stored safely on the NAS device.

Quick and Easy File Sharing

When you save your digital content to a NAS device, all of your important files are being stored in one central location. That makes it easy for everyone on the network to share stored content between computers seamlessly. Thus when you have network attached storage set up, you and multiple other users on the same network can access shared information. For example, Dell NAS drive solutions allow quick and easy sharing of files and other media between Macs, Windows and Linux computers. Some NAS servers can also be attached to a USB printer as well.

Super-fast Data

Having NAS means that you have speedy access to data, and fast access to information means that your office will become more productive. NAS is not just a storage device, it’s a file storage server as well. With Network Storage, you may be certain of swifter access given that there’s not the identical quantity of mess that is available on the shared resource that also acts as a file storage server than just a storage device only.

The most important feature of NAS storage has to be that it makes a great overall contribution to the smooth running of your business, so that you are free to concentrate on making your business a success.


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