Top 5 Reasons Why Cortana Is Your Go-To AI Assistant

Cortana, Mircosoft’s virtual personal assistant, became available to Windows users as part of the Windows 10 upgrade. Since then Windows users have enjoyed interacting Cortana on all their Windows 10 devices and having their reminders, appointments, memos, and other information synced by way of the cloud.

As one of the most recent artificial intelligence personalities to come on the market, Cortana has changed the way people think about Windows and virtual personal assistants. Now that Cortana has almost universal availability, more people have discovered Cortana’s ease of use and the practical ways she can make life easier. Wondering which is the best digital assistant: Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Now? We think it’s Windows Cortana: The Best Human AI Ever Built.

Best digital assistant; Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Now

Updates to Cortana were included in the new Windows 10 update, making the personal assistant smarter than before. She now can keep track of your movies and ticketed events, read handwritten notes created on the Surface, and highlight terms in PDF files. In addition to these new Cortana features, the following five reasons explain why you should use Cortana as your go-to AI assistant.

1. Cortana is a standalone app

Cortana works independently from the operating system. As a standalone application, Cortana can aggregate your valuable information such as flight status updates, reservations, appointments and reminders into a single timeline. You can also ask Cortana to deliver news headlines, weather forecasts, sports scores, and other information, so you have everything you need to know in one accessible place.

Cortana never stops working, so you can receive updates to your information throughout the day. More importantly, Cortana will provide you with information without you asking for it. Even if you forget a birthday or appointment, Cortana will speak up, giving you plenty of time to respond.

However, you have to keep in mind that you have to upgrade to Windows 10. Cortana is moving to several platforms, but it isn’t available to previous Windows operating systems. If you take that into account, Cortana is hugely connected to a lengthy installation of an operating system.

2. Manages your time with reminders, events, and alarms

You can create appointments and reminders with Cortana. You can also set alarms. Additionally, Cortana allows you to create reminders based on time, location, or people. For example, you can have Cortana ask you to perform pre-defined tasks based on your location, the time of day, or the people with whom you communicate.

Like any good personal assistant, Cortana will provide you with updates on your packages, so you know exactly when your online e-commerce orders arrive at your house. Cortana will also stay up-to-date with your travel plans, reminding you about your itinerary, and looking up the status of your flights, so you know how quickly you need to get to the airport.

3. Enables you to dictate emails

If you can’t type, Cortana can help you create email messages. All you do is dictate your message and let Cortana turn your voice into text. Cortana can even address your messages and send them for you without requiring any keyboard or mouse input from you, although you can review and edit your words before Cortana sends them. Although Cortana’s speech-to-text engine can accurately transcribe your voice, you always get a chance to verify your message before Cortana sends it on its way.

4. Doesn’t rely only on voice commands

Some users hesitate to give Cortana a chance because they think you have to talk to her all the time. In reality, you can use voice and keyboard commands to interact with Cortana. So, you can speak to Cortana while in private or in places with little background noise, and use the keyboard when you can’t talk, or there’s too much noise for Cortana to hear. Similarly, Cortana can speak via messages on your screen, so you don’t have to worry about her disturbing the peace.

5. Cortana can learn about you

Cortana has enough intelligence to learn about your routine and preferences. The more you use Cortana, the more she knows about you. As time passes, you will discover that Cortana can predict what you want, where you are going, and what you are doing. The ability to learn makes Cortana easier to use as time progresses, because she can predict what you want based on your past interactions.

You can make Cortana even smarter by giving her information that you want her to keep available for fast retrieval. To do this, you open her notebook and tell her everything you can about your preferences for news, sports, music and travel. You can also tell her what stocks you own and the types of food you like. We can only give you these few examples of the many things Cortana can do.

These five reasons should help you understand why Cortana has generated so much excitement. She already has become the go-to AI assistant for many Windows 10 users. Take some time right now to experience how Cortana can improve your life.

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