Top 5 Secrets To A Successful iPhone (iOS) App

Wonder how to make a very successful app for the iPhone or iPad (iOS)? Whether it is a game app, a weird funny app or meant for students or business critical project management, the Secret to any Successful iPhone App: Keep it Simple! There’s plenty of money to be made developing apps for iOS. The most successful iPhone apps usually offer an innovative functionality that has not yet been seen. With how crowded the app market is today (and any market – not just the mobile app market), standing out in that crowded market is difficult, but not impossible. Creating something unique and dominating a specific niche within a niche is a great way to go and there are many real iPhone app success stories where iPhone app millionaires have given their ideas and marketing advice. Today we’ll discuss few important things that determine the success or failure of an Apple application. Although there are many factors including design and function, this today we’ll mainly cover the other nuances of development which people tend to ignore. The realm of iPhone application development is a vast one. There are iPhone app makers who gain overnight success with the iPhone and some others who would simply join the line of rejected apps.

So what is it that determines the success of an app? Is it in the form or in the function? Can a great idea ensure that your app is successful? Or will you have to toil it out and put in lots of effort to ascertain that it works? Well, where there’s money involved there has to be a certain degree of effort. Nothing comes in very easily. There are a lot of things that we must take care of if we are looking at a really powerful and popular application.

Simplicity of the App

The most basic thing that iPhone app creators forget that complicating things is not in their favor. The easier their app is to use, the better will it be used by the people. You want an app that people find easy and usable. What’s the point of iPhone app makers wasting their talent and energy in creating apps that are good but so complicated that it would take another developer to use it?

When an app is absolutely simple, without too many complications about it, it makes for a great experience. The very idea of having mobile applications is so that life becomes easier. It would simply lose its purpose if it would take a physicist to use an app for the laymen.

Make it Visually Engaging

An app’s success ratio largely depends upon how engaging it is. Create an app that’s nice to look at, and nice to show friends. The app must essentially have the ability to grip the user. There has to be a factor in the app that ensures that the visitor sticks to it. You want more and more users to spend the maximum amount of time on your application. This shows how sticky your app has become.

In order to achieve this you really don’t need to pack it with too much animation or flash. A simple clean application with a strong intellectual aspect will do just fine. Make an app that one would like to show off. Something which has a great feature and looks amazing when in action. However, remember never to overdo it.

Keep Updating

If you are in this field you must have noticed that most applications keep having regular updates. This is because, technology (and specifically application development) is a field where nothing is stagnant. Whatever is new today, soon phases out to give way to something else. An app is like a TV show, they keep tuning in to see what’s new. So push out updates with new characters or levels or tweaks.

In this situation, one must constantly be aware of the new things that are happening and then ensure that your application is in sync with it. Ensure that you keep debugging the app from time to time and incorporate new technologies within it.

Free Versions

Most successful app makers have understood that people appreciate free versions of the application much more than anything else. This is why they develop applications with a basic free version and then enhance it further and make that a paid one.

This means you first make the people aware of your application and give them a taste of it with the help of your app. Later, you simply ensure that your app is interesting enough for people to use it. If your app has all the qualities, then a user, who gets addicted to it, will certainly get a paid version to be able to use it.

Spread the Word

Marketing your apps is an integral part of the success of it. You can’t expect your app to just become famous without any effort from your end. You must ensure that you market it within other popular apps or through other mediums. Ensure that the social network is absolutely abuzz with the details. Unless you do that, not too many people will know that you have made a great app. Also promote it through various channels and make it really sticky.

Keep an Eye on Quality

Making your own app is a million times funner than making someone else’s. Greater risks. Greater rewards. There’s 200,000 apps in the app store, but most of them are really crappy. If you make a quality product it will stand out.

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