Top 5 Tips to Get The Best From Media Streaming Services  

Are you someone trying to compare streaming media providers, and looking for any tips on how to get the best from your streaming media service? The popularity of Netflix, Lovefilm, iTunes, and many less, ahem, reputable sites for streaming films and TV shows online seems unstoppable.

But, unfortunately, for some, internet connections occasionally seem to be moving slower than streaming technology. Much slower. That means what should have been a much more quick and convenient way to watch turns into an experience even more slow and aggravating than the DVD rental store it replaced. Here are five ways to turn that situation around.

1. Ditch the WiFi

Using a wireless router can reduce broadband speeds by up to 30%. If streaming is stopping and starting sticking an Ethernet cable from your computer to the router can be one of the simplest and cheapest solutions.

If it’s inconvenient to watch near the main socket where your router’s plugged in, it may be worth considering ditching your WiFi and investing a long HDMI cable to plug your watching into your TV.

2. Use a Proxy Server

For those with serious streaming problems, a proxy service dedicated to video might be a good option. The proxy simply routes all web traffic through a third-party server which can substantially speed up streaming if it’s done right.

Doing it right involves finding server that will be a good fit for streaming – that is, one that’s not too busy so that the benefits of re-routing the traffic are essentially lost in a whole new crowd – there are a number of resources online which can advise on the best proxy sites to set up.

Remember to tick any boxes that say your proxy will allow Javascript and Flash, too, as streaming without them is likely to be tricky.

3. Get A Faster Broadband Internet Connection

As obvious as this might sound, if you’re using a mobile broadband connection, consider moving to home broadband. Bear in mind that home broadband is available even on a short contract so if that’s the reason you’ve got mobile broadband currently note that there are other options for you.

There are some other things you can consider with a new broadband provider now that you know you’re a streaming addict, too (see below).

4. Know Your Traffic Management

A traffic management policy shows which forms of browsing are prioritized on an Internet Service Provider (ISPs) network. Not all providers make these public but it’s a safe bet that most slow down streaming during peak times which, guess what, are exactly the times you want to watch.

Taking some sage advice from existing customers or from broadband review sites is often a good idea when it comes to this issue.

5. Clear Your Cache

Streaming video, more than almost any other activity, can be affected by holding a lot of files in your browser cache. If you’re experiencing slowing problems then try clearing out the cache by going to the tool and setting menu in your browser.

Guest Author: This is a guest article from Choose, a comparison site that specializes in DVD rental, including those such as Lovefilm.


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