Top 5 Ways How Technology Can Help You Save Money

It is obvious that the current status of the economy is a worrisome issue for many. This can be reflected on the people’s clever use of technology to ease pressure off their wallets. The pace at which technology continues to advance astounds me as it not only creates devices that improve our everyday functions, but also provides long-term savings. In short, although these technological gizmos may cost us quite a bit, over time it will save us time and money. I can think of a few good technological inventions and ideas that save money.

Using these tips, every day, you can save yourself more and more money through the use of technology. If you are careful about the way in which you are using technology, there is no reason why it can’t be a money maker for you. Fifty years ago, it would have been unimaginable to transfer money with a click of a button on mobile devices. But now, new apps, websites, and other technologies are helping us save money and become more and more efficient. Here are top five best ways technology can help you save money.

iPhone and Android Apps

Until the Apple’s iPhone came into the market, the market was filled with cell-phones that were ridiculously slow with really small screens. The iPhone, and later the Android helped to turn the cell phone into a portable personal computer, which came with incredible smart applications. Not only did it help to locate the best consumer and retail deals, but it also identified those deals that made significant savings.

Apps have been developed which help you to find and locate the very best in consumer and retail details deals. For instance, QuickerFeet is one of the most effective finance apps. Compatible with the iPhone, it searches and shows the user breaking deals and retail promotions in real time, and even provides GPS style navigation and directions to get to your local store. You can capitalize on deals as they happen in real time and make significant financial savings. Check out these Top 5 Must Have Money Saving iPhone Apps!

Use VOIP Instead of Phone Calls

People use the computer to video-chat with family and friends who are based around the world, rather than using the telephone and paying long distance call charges. The live video chat can easily be used with the help of a webcam and instant messaging software such as Skype, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo Messenger or even Facebook video calling. In addition to IM, there is also email. Using email, not only saves paper and postal charges, but is also faster.

I also feel that having both cell phone and a landline is costly. It is advisable to cancel the landline as the cell phone works out cheaper and is also more convenient as it has more features as well.

Pay Bills Online

Using the Internet to pay your bills not only saves you money on postal charges, envelopes and any late fees, but also helps budget your money. Net banking is also an easy format to set up automatic bill payment through your banks. Innovation is key to saving both energy and your hard earned dollars, whether it is through advanced engineering or software which helps you to control your utility usage.


Although this may come forth as an odd money saving idea, it really can save you quite a bit; thanks to the online revolution. While some coupons provide savings on retail and luxury purchases, the majority focused on everyday expenditures such as food and drinks. You can register with popular retailers and they will mail you coupons and deals to your postal address. This way you don’t need to print out the coupons thus saving printer ribbon and ink.

The online revolution has completely changed the way in which coupons can be sourced and claimed. Not only that, but it has created scores of specialist coupon websites where coupons can be found, and has led to them enjoying something of a resurgence with consumers.

Household Energy Consumption

It is estimated that U.S consumers spend over $200 billion annually on household expenditures and over 11% of the average American’s energy budget is spent on lighting. By switching from incandescent light bulbs to CFL’s (contemporary compact fluorescent lights), you can not only save money, but also improve energy efficiency by about 75%.

Use Public Transportation or Drive Less

By using the public transportation or a car pool or using a bicycle will help you save considerable amount of money viz., gasoline. You can also use the metro or even walk.

The bottom line is that significant financial gain can be made by using these simple examples of technology. However, it is to be noted that these savings can be noted only over a period of time and not within a week, fortnight or even a month. It can be best seen over a period of one year.

Guest Author: This is a guest post by Tina Reeves of, a site that offers savings and current information on Verizon Internet.

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