Top 5 Ways in Which The Cloud Can Simplify Your Life

Designed to simplify and expedite, cloud computing is an increasingly popular technological phenomenon that continues to be developed for new uses. Even if you are unfamiliar with this technical term, chances are that cloud computing has infiltrated your everyday life. From online photo albums to email accounts and file sharing to customer management, we all rely on the cloud in some way. The reality is, whether you are a business owner, manager or just an organized individual, there are many benefits to be reaped from jumping on board this digital bandwagon. Read on to discover just a few of them.


The primary use for cloud computing is online storage. The list of what you can store is extremely lengthy and varied; photos, to-do lists, financial statements, Excel spreadsheets, resumes and legal documents are just a few of the possible inhabitants of your cloud storage system. Say goodbye to overstuffed filing cabinets and folders, as well as complicated archiving systems.

Ease of Access

Not only are all your documents in the same place, but you can access them from anywhere in the world – all you need is an operative Internet connection. This feature has particularly revolutionized the way multinational organizations work; now, an employee in Seattle can easily collaborate with their colleague in London.


With simplification comes the benefit of reduced time, money and effort. Ease of access and having one storage system can obviously lead to better efficiency, but did you know that using cloud computing means cutting down on licensing fees? Instead of buying and installing a program for individual computers, cloud computing allows businesses to run programs or applications remotely; given the cost of some of these products, the differential in IT spending can be significant for the companies that rely on it the most.

Tailored to your Needs

Gone are the days of cookie cutter hosting, storage and data packages; the cloud allows you to use as much as you want at any time benefiting from the power of server virtualization. Payment options can vary from provider to provider, but generally speaking, you can make payments weekly, monthly or even yearly. As you won’t have to overpay for something that you are not benefiting from entirely, further financial savings are on the horizon.


One of the most prevalent hazards or downfalls of technology has always been security. Thanks to online scam artists, viruses, malware and hackers, with the release of new products or innovations, the question always remains: Is it safe? Cloud computing is no different, although online document protection specialists continue to develop innovative new products, such as Your Digital File’s ( high-security storage solution for the protection of confidential documents.Peace of mind can be successfully achieved after all.

Taking those first tentative steps towards a stream-lined, digital life in the cloud can seem daunting, but the benefits speak for themselves. Do you have any tips or thoughts to share about cloud computing? Have you seen it being used in a particularly innovative way? Be sure to leave a comment below.


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