The Hidden Crate of Top 5 Weird But Funny Android Apps

Perhaps you pretend that you bought your Android phone (or tablet) to work to track business calls or to have easy access to your work Gmail and business contacts, or to track your business’ mobile broadband bill. But the truth, of course, is playing with those strange but fun Android apps.

Having an Android powered smartphone enables you to download and install as many apps you want. Some of them are quite strange and deserve to be categorized as downright weird. But that should not hamper you from downloading them as they are fun to use, addictive and good time pass stuff. This article contains and reviews five strange but somewhat useful apps you can download to your Android for free.

Carrr Matey by Lionebra Studios

Speaking like a pirate, owners of cars in the big cities often find themselves parking in the street. Those who work in the mall, for instance, have to park their car in a huge lot. It can be very easy to forget where you parked, which is where Carrr Matey comes in handy.

Indeed, other apps do exist, but this is arguably the best one on the Android market. Not only does the GPS allow you to mark and locate your car, but it speaks like a rough, sailing pirate. Don’t park your car — drop your anchor, and let Carrr Matey find your dock again. You can even set a timer to remind you when your parking meter is about to run out.

Tricorder by Moonblink

The latest Star Trek iteration has completely wiped the franchise and started it fresh, meaning it is okay to admit your Trekkie status. In other words, it also means you can show off your recently downloaded Android app called Tricorder, which beeps just like the “real” ones from the franchise. It even visually looks like a device Scotty would have used to double-check the engines.

However, Tricorder does actually come with some practical use. For instance, it can measure how strong your Wi-Fi and cellular signals are wherever you are, as well as the acoustical levels of your surrounding area — such as if you are about to record your voice for a podcast.

It also informs you the nearest satellites and GPS signal, which helps if you ever want to know why your GPS service is being a bit erratic. In other words, it has a little something for every technology nerd, all with the added bonus of the single most interesting interfaces on this side of the Neutral Zone.

Bic Concert Lighter by Bic USA

You remember the times when you saw your favorite band perform at a concert. You jumped crazily and burst out the lyrics in perfect sync with the singer. Back in the day, all it took to show you were having a great time was taking out your lighter and flicking it on, waving it back and forth — unfortunately, management and health codes of the concert hall alike have both decided that thousands of lit lighters are a bit of a fire hazard. What else can you do?

Take out that Android and open your lighter; that is, your Bic Concert Lighter app. What this app offers is a full-screen image of one of many Bic lighters — you can pick the design in the Settings option, which include Tattoos, Geometrics, Flick my BIC and Astrology.

Flicking the lighter open is as simple as touching the screen, featuring the hidden flame underneath and a realistic sound effect to accompany it. Swaying your Android back and forth or left to right shows the appropriate movement by the flame in order to stay upright, just like a real lighter.

Easy Metal Detector Lite by Androidika

Want another way to help get back the money spent for that new Android? Not a problem — just use Easy Metal Detector Lite to find any lost coins floating around your neighborhood.

Yes, it really works. How? The compass feature of your Andriod phone functions due to a magnetometer inside of the device, and if elementary school science has taught its students anything, it’s that magnets can find metal pretty well.

My Magic 8 Ball by CWE Software

There are many sources that can help you predict your future — but why not pick My Magic 8 Ball? This Android app features a picture of an 8-ball that offers one of 20 responses to answers when you shake your phone. This is essentially just a magic 8 ball, but on your phone.


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