Tutorial: How to Share Files Securely

Have you been looking for a safe file sharing solution that offers enterprise-grade security for solving business problems? If you are making an attempt to share confidential files, documents or presentations, the last thing you would like to try and do is be emailing it back and forth over the Internet without some sort of file protection. There are various technologies that can assist you, from general email encryption products to more sophisticated specialty software solutions that are designed for this.

Naturally though, when it comes to sharing files with people you’re often right to be skeptical. Firstly, you never know just who is going to be able to gain access to potentially confidential files such as login details or bank accounts; and you also don’t necessarily want to share the wrong file with the wrong client or customer through simple human error. For these reasons a lot of IT administrators and companies as a whole choose not to share files over the web.

A Guide to Ultra Secure File Sharing

A groundbreaking new version of our enterprise collaboration platform that combines advanced document management with leading-edge enterprise social collaboration tools.

This does leave them in a bit of a predicament, however, when it comes to sharing important documents with their other branches on the other side of the country or with people looking to continue working on projects while sat on a train on the way to a meeting or commuting to and from work, or even from home.

Instead of instantly blocking access to file sharing services such as those from highq you should at least sit down and consider the various benefits associated with the ability to share files, and also come up with a guide or list of regulations for safe use.

Most of these leading providers of secure document exchange and team collaboration software packages these days provide innovative collaboration and publishing products. Best of such file sharing solutions often combine secure, enterprise-grade document management with the most popular corporate social tools so that you can securely exchange crucial business data and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners in one unified space.

A lot of file sharing software will allow you to set up your own system in a matter of minutes, allowing you to instantly exchange files with the relevant people without having to worry about them getting lost or ‘hacked’ from your email account. You can upload files into the system and remove them from then again once they’ve been shared if you’re particularly concerned, although password access is required.

Access can even be adjusted determined on who needs access to particular files, and how much access they require. For instance, you might want to give greater access to those in managerial roles compared to those with less authority and relevance to those particular files – you wouldn’t give a shop-floor worker access to sensitive documents, but you would grant access to files that they will be working on on a daily basis.

Should you so wish, you can even have access to the files on your smartphones, laptops or tablet computers in the majority of cases, enabling you to access all of your files no matter where you are, perfect for those who have to travel as part of their job who might want to simply load a presentation when they arrive at a conference rather than taking their own computers.

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