Ultimate Collection of Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of 2010

Apple iPhone is a mighty functional device with whole lot of apps available from the Apple’s App Store. Developers from all over the world spend a lot of effort in creating these wonderful apps, which are utterly useful too. There are now well over 200,000 apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and, surprisingly, many of the best are free.

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of 2010

In this post, we are going to  present here the top 10 free iPhone app of all time. The 10 best of the lot available for free iPhone apps are listed below. If your favorites aren’t covered, tell us all about them in the comments.

1. Google Earth

Have you used Google Earth on your PC? And you love it, right? To put it in a simple way, now you can have the whole world in your pocket, literally. Google Earth iPhone app is a free and very powerful application, which allows the user to view utter mind-blowing satellite imagery at the palm of your hand.

2. Skype

Skype is the new revolution; the world is talking on it. Why not the iPhonians? This app enables the user to log in to Skype on your iPhone. Ok, we agree that it’s imperfect and annoyingly lacks push notifications, but this is still an essential download. The interface is pleasingly simple and usable, enabling anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to anywhere in the world.

3. Pandora

How many of you still love to have a radio? You can have thousands of songs in your iPhone but still you cannot compete with the versatility of a Radio. Pandora fulfills this dream of having a radio in an iPhone. This is the app, which connects you to the Pandora’s music service directly. Pandora App has emerged as one of the most popular App after the initial launch of the App Store. It allows iPhone users to access the enormous database of music available at Pandora.com.

4. Facebook

Who in this world is not having a Facebook account? Almost everybody has it. So, the app for the most loved social networking site should be loved the most. Once this was just an ugly duckling, but that’s history and what we have now is version 3 – a social-network-aware swan. The revised grid-based ‘home screens’ provide speedy access to regularly visited sections (news feed, notifications, and so on) and pages, and the experience is such that it, in many ways, beats the browser version.

5. WordPress 2

Are you a blogger? And do you use WordPress? If your answers are yes, then this is for you.  As a blogger, it is important to be able to respond to commenter on the go – especially on the solution-based posts, which are time sensitive and it is really important to respond quickly when someone is looking for an answer. This app is also a good tool to store future blog ideas. Simply type in the title and perhaps a bit of brainstormed notes and save as a draft to be completed when you get to your main computer.

6. TwitJump 1.0

This is the app for you if you are one of those Twitter addicts. The first screen on TwitJump allows the user to choose the Twitter account he would like to log into. TwitJump can be used for either business or personal Twitter activities with the availability to link over 21 accounts. Just tap your login name, enter your password and you are now viewing Timelines where you will find all of your current important Twitter information, such as Followings, @Replies, DMs, Lists and Alerts. Ain’t it cool?

The TwitJump app is free. However, costs begin to incur when you begin to add in features.  Anyway, TwitJump is offering a free 14-day trial with full access to the app. No credit card is needed to sign up. Simply enter your name and email address – then choose a password and you are able to check out the application in its entirety for two weeks without being charged a penny. At the end of the two-week trial TwitJump will send you a notification with options to continue the service with the options of your choice.

7. Meebo

Do you have a Gtalk a/c? Do you have a yahoo messenger account? Do you have a Windows Live account? Then you must check out this app. Meebo allows you to sign into as many of them, using a single app. This can be much more convenient than having to download separate versions of the Yahoo Messenger app, AIM app, etc.

8. Trapster

My younger Brother always had this dream; he wanted to work for the cops. I presented him an iPhone with this app installed on it. He was overjoyed. Trapster is one of the best free iPhone apps because it just may save you from getting a speeding ticket. Basically, It is an application that is frequently updated with news on Speed Traps, police check points, red light cameras, and more. Not only does Trapster update the app, but users can also report speed traps and other police spots, which updates the app.

9. Comics

This is a little awkward compared to using it on an iPad, but you won’t find a better comics experience on an iPhone. The app is free, as are dozens of downloadable comics – and once you run out of those, many more are available to buy. Reading works on a frame-by-frame automated ‘zoom’ basis, and is surprisingly usable. Must have app for a diehard comic fan like me!

10. AppMiner
I love free apps and I find them using this (free app). With over 150,000 apps now on the Apple store, it is easy to lose track of everything that is going on. AppMiner constantly mine the store looking for new and updated apps and monitor prices for changes so you can be notified of the latest and greatest apps and deals. Many developers adjust their prices on a regular basis even making apps FREE for a short period of time in order to boost their rankings and reviews. AppMiner can help you catch these deals as they happen. You can even set a watch to alert you to when an app you want is on sale.

11. PowWowNow
Make sure, you also check out the new PowWowNow Free Conferencing iPhone application where you can save on the time, costs and carbon footprint associated with traveling to meetings, and you can connect with colleagues all over the world instantly, which also brings you free mobile conference calling at the touch of a button.

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