Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Concept Design – Fake?

We all know that Apple has just released iPhone 4G in last July, but we have already found the next iPhone version named iPhone 5 that promises to come with Ultra Thin design. Folks at HandyFlash have posted pictures of the next generation iPhone that will be so thin that it will make your handkerchief feel jealous! But if we look closer, this Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Concept Design looks too good (thin) to be true and it leaves us wondering – is this for real or fake?

iPhone 5 Concept Design is Ultra Thin (and Ultra Fake)

A giant display with an ultra-thin body, this device is probably every iPhone owner’s wet dream. Along with the concept, HandyFlash notes that the next device could sport a 100Mbps radio within, come in 32GB and 64GB renditions, and carry an updated retina display. But unfortunately, if you look closely the iPhone 5 design is showing iOS 2. If anything was as serious as even an early concept, it would AT LEAST be showing iOS 3! If you would ask us about the design, is it great looking? Hell, Yeah. But is it possible to design this with the current technology? Unfortunately, No! When it comes to any li-io/li-po battery powered devices, THIN = BAD. Period. Current mobile battery technology just aren’t efficient and powerful enough to be physically scaled down to those levels of slimness.

This kind of slimness will ONLY be possible if they discover how to deal with the battery. A battery so slim that can fit on the above design will innovate the whole tech world. So it certainly is a cool concept but not possible with the current technology. Maybe Apple will need to surprise us just like when they introduced the first ever iPod!

As the bottom line, this is a nice exercise in rendering but even as a concept it’s far too impractical. It simply lacks the thickness needed for plugging in the dock connector or headphones. Even if you went completely wireless for sync & sound, the battery life would last about the duration of a sneeze. Not to mention that if it were constructed of anything less than carbon fiber or Titanium, it would snap in half in your pocket.

At any rate, we have to admit that Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Design is a great concept and we will hope that Apple will (again) do some magic to prove that it’s not fake!  What do you think?


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