Using iPad for Business; Top 5 Best Tips and tricks

The new iPad (4th generation) transforms the way you work with the breakthrough Retina display, ultrafast 4G LTE, and thousands of amazing apps for business. Apple launched their first iPad product in April 2010, less than three years ago.  Since then, they have sold in excess of 100 million iPads; therefore it’s safe to say that they have revolutionized the IT market and indeed, influenced many consumer habits.  One of the main implications is the way that the iPad has changed the way we do business, as Apples technology has revolutionized many basic business practices, making them quicker and more effective.  Be it blogging on iPad or gaming, pure entertainment or just day to day computing, iPad has touched every corner of consumer life today. Here are the top 5 best tips and tricks of using the iPad for business. Here are some cool ways your company can use the iPad as a business computing device.

Improved Sales Tool

The iPad is a great sales tool because it can show audio-visual to a much higher standard than other devices.  This enables clients to see and hear the product or service in a much clearer way than more traditional methods.  For example presentation software such as Keynote (Apple app) facilitates a high-spec presentation and shows the clients a much more realistic version of the product or service via a video, with audio.

The interactive nature of the iPad also improves the sales process, as potential consumers like to interact with the product or service they are considering buying as they can engage with it.  This is a much more effective way to sell and will enhance sales conversions.

Flexibility in Working

First of all, the portability of the iPad in comparison to its lap-top counterparts is much lighter and smaller and therefore easier to transport and use.  Therefore it is portable to transport when visiting clients i.e. on the train, bus, walking etc.
Moreover, as well as being portable, it is much quicker to switch on and off.  Therefore the iPad lends itself to being used remotely i.e. between meetings, whilst traveling, whilst waiting for the train etc.  Therefore the iPad promotes and facilitates flexible working.

Better Management of Paperwork

The very nature of business involves plenty of paperwork, from making lists, notes, creating and distributing agendas and managing Office documents such as Word, Excel etc.

The great thing about the iPad is that there are literally thousands of applications which automate these processes for you.  This saves you time, money and paperwork and improves productivity.  For example the app, Quickoffice Pro HD enables you to access, edit and save any Office document on the iPad.  The app Priority Matrix enables you to project manage effectively by creating and managing to-do lists.  Agenda Maker facilitates and automates the creation, distribution of agendas and meeting management via its app. There are hundreds of other applications automating almost all generic business processes.

Easier On-the-move Communication

Using an iPad can improve communication within your business on every level.  Firstly, the portable nature of the device means that keeping in touch over email is easier and facilitates a quicker response.

Secondly, applications such as WebEx and Skype facilitate real-time, face to face business conferences over the web.  This improves communication between clients and colleagues on a global level, bringing everyone together in real-time.

Thirdly, applications such as Dropbox and Google docs enable iPad users to share information, again on a global level.  It also means documents can be worked on collaboratively i.e.  word, excel or Powerpoint documents.  They are all shared in a central place which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere in the world, thus improving communication.

Easy  Networking

Nothing will ever have the same value as networking face-to-face, however the iPad can initiate these connections faster than any other process.  For example the Happening app informs you of networking events you could attend.  The Hashable app enables you to create and share business cards virtually.  The Hurricane Party app enables you to organize and entire event, source the venue and send out invitations via social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and lets you know when recipients have rsvp’d.

There are so many ways that the iPad can be used to improve business practices thanks to the thousands of applications available.  These useful tips and tricks should help you on your way to improving productivity, communication, networking and selling.

About The Author: Ollie is an audio/visual expert from The United Kingdom. He writes For Complete Technology Solutions.


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